9 Toxic Habits That Makes Life Suck

Did you know our habits can make life suck? We all have habits that drive us crazy. Maybe it’s a dirty house, or an addiction to social media, or not being able to find your keys in the morning. Whatever it is, we know they’re bad for us, and yet we can’t seem to break them! 

Do you feel like your life is just a string of never-ending tasks and obligations? If you feel overwhelmed or stressed. You’re not alone.

There are nine toxic habits in particular, which make life suck.  The good news: if we stop doing these things, it will become much easier to manage our lives and create more time for what really matters. 

Here are 9 Toxic Habits that Make Life Suck:

  1. Looking for outside approval
  2. Addicted to the struggle 
  3. Not building self-discipline 
  4. Not having a plan with actions 
  5. A routine that doesn’t serve your goals
  6. Overconsumption of social media 
  7. Procrastinating
  8. Living outside our means
  9. Not enjoying the journey

1. looking For Outside Approval 

One of the greatest blocks to creative thinking is the fear of failure. We are all afraid of what others think of us. We are scared of being judged. We are terrified of rejection. We fear social disapproval. And to be honest, it’s normal to feel like that. However, it isn’t the healthiest practice for us, especially when we want to live our life to the fullest. 

Sometimes the people we surround ourselves with are not the support system we need. They can make comments that make us question our choices and become less confident about taking new opportunities that help us grow. We might end up feeling like we need to stay within the bounds of our comfort bubble – but that won’t help us live life without regrets because it’s limiting! 

The best thing to do is to ensure that we seek approval from ourselves first! When we self-reflect and set goals, it’s for ourselves and our growth. Not everyone will know what it feels like to be in your shoes or understand the path you want to take. With that, I want you to know that it is 100% okay to outgrow places and people. 

2. Addicted To Struggle


We are living in a world where the only thing that seems to matter is how much you struggle. So many of us are addicted to this life and all of its demands.  It’s easy to turn small problems into massive concerns, which then causes us, guess what? More problems! 


Before we know it, our days feel like we are running after the carrot, we’ll never catch or the wheel to nowhere, it becomes exhausting. There’s no time for anything else because we’re so busy trying to fix everything ourselves that comes up or getting upset about what other people might be doing wrong in their lives.  


We may have thought our toxic productivity was the only thing holding us back from achieving success, but it turns out to be an addiction. We can be addicted not just to struggling and trying new things that make life exciting or even good for once – but also dealing with all those pesky little problems in between! 


Sometimes because we deal with toxic productivity, we are just addicted to the stress, the rush, and the constant long to-do lists without even realizing it. But in the long run, we end up being burnt out and not close to our goals at all. 


The first step to fighting this addiction is really acknowledging that it’s a problem. From here, we can devise a game plan that will help us healthily allocate our work. 


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3. Not building Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is a learned skill and one that we can develop. We often say that it’s just not part of who we are – but this mindset is exactly what we need to change. If we keep thinking that we won’t be able to develop it, is change and growth something we really want to do at the moment? 


The best way to build self-discipline is to pair it with habits. This will help us ensure we are constantly working on developing self-discipline by incorporating it into our daily routines! 


If you want to take it a step further, you can check out the Habit Builder

4. Not Having A Plan With Actions

I can’t stress this enough! No matter how good your habits are, how much willpower or discipline, if you don’t have a plan, your efforts won’t be fruitful! 

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I assure you, you can plan your day and stick to it consistently, helping you achieve the bigger goals you have with life – one day at a time! 


5. Having A Routine That Does Not Serve Your Goals 


Another comfort bubble I like to think we have is our daily routine. We do it daily and even habitually but does it really help us get closer to our goals? It’s so important we tie our good habits with our goals because it’s going to ensure consistency! 


Success is really dependent on consistency. We won’t get far without taking the steps, no matter how small. So, it’s important to highlight and reflect if our routines and daily actions feed into the goals we want to achieve. 


You can check out the “7 Simple Habits to Win Everyday!” to help you build a better routine for yourself! 

6. Over Consumption Of Social Media 

I’m guilty of this one! Social media is really designed to have you stay there and over-consume content, even if it’s not funny or insightful! Without realizing we spend so much time glued to our devices instead of allocating the time to more important things, including time with family and friends! 


A little tip from me to you to save your morning and night routines. Make sure that looking at screens, especially social media isn’t the first thing you do in the morning OR the last one before going to bed. Trust me, you’re going to feel so much more relaxed, especially if your work is heavily dependent on social media! 

7. Procrastinating 

Procrastination is something we all do, but it’s important to be aware of the negative impacts procrastination can have on your life. Usually when we fall down the rabbit hole and put off doing our work for later instead of right now-we might find ourselves distracted by other activities or using methods that just don’t “work” for us because there are so many different ways in which you could increase productivity without wasting precious time! 


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8. Living Outside Our Means 

Living outside our means can be applied to anything. It really boils down to our boundaries, what we tolerate and what we don’t. We only have 24 hours a day, it does seem like a lot, but we need to eat, sleep, work and spend time with family. When setting boundaries, we have to look at our core values; what do we really want to allocate our time to and with? In the long run, it will also help you handle or solve any problem without compromising your values. 


Another way we might be living outside our means is through our spending. Impulsive buying is just made easier with the internet and fast delivery. Shopping is also a coping mechanism for others. But it could mean that we end up spending outside of our means just to get the latest things that we might not truly need or help us get any closer to our goals. 

9. Not Enjoying The Journey

The last toxic habit we might have is not enjoying the journey. We might get too caught up in how everybody else is doing and compare our progress. Or, we have a negative mindset where we think that our efforts are not helping us get any closer to our goal or our plans aren’t working.

One thing I’ve learned through my journey is that when we’re too caught up in the future, we tend to get anxious. When we think too much about the past, we tend to regret certain things. But what is important is that we are in the now, and the best way to make life less sucky is just to enjoy the present. Life will throw unexpected hurdles our way, but I do believe it’s something we can always overcome! So, enjoy the journey one step at a time by taking it  One Day at a Time!


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Let Go The Toxic Habits That makes Your Life Suck!

We can change those toxic habits that make us feel like life sucks. When we aren’t living to our highest potential, we question everything.  Our successes and failures lie within our habits and routines.  I hope this blog was insightful and brought a new perspective to your journey to achieve your goals! Can you relate to any of these habits?  


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