Choose a profitable niche

OK, so you know you want an online business. You know you want to do something that you enjoy and allows you to earn from anywhere, anytime, and become a digital nomad. Balancing a happy family and a profitable business is your dream. You’re just getting started in this thing, but this silly little word called a niche seems to keep popping up.  

By the time you complete this article, you will be a niche expert. You will know the answer, what is a niche? Why you should choose a niche. What niche you should choose. Examples of evergreen niches. You will also learn overall, how to choose a profitable niche.   

Let’s get it!

What is a niche?

So first things first, what is a niche? 

A niche is your specialty. It is your specific topic. If you were a blogger, it’s what you would write about. If you were a podcaster, it’s what you would talk about. If you used video to get out your message, it’s what you would present visually.

The target audience you choose will drive your specialty or your niche. I am a huge advocate of finding out first “who” you will promote or sell your products and services to. As opposed to “what” it is you’re going to sell to them. If you can get that idea down, you will be able to attract your customers to you around the clock without any extra effort. As a matter of fact, you will be able to do it with a lot less effort and a lot less money.

Why should you choose a niche?

OK, so if you’re like me, you may be asking yourself why not just throw a giant net in the sea and get all the fish that you can get. Right?

The problem with just casting a net into the ocean and pulling up as much as you can get is you never know what you’re going to get. (Kind of like that box of chocolate Forest Gump was talking about…LOL) You could get fish, you can get empty cans, you can get old shoes, you can get anything that happens to be floating in the water. That includes things that you don’t want. Like trash! 

It’s the same with business. If you decided to generalize your message and your niche, you would have a harder time weeding through those who really could use what you have to offer. You would be wasting time sorting through an audience that is not your target. 

For example, you may be searching for other moms who are looking for tips to help their children with homeschooling. You are looking for homeschooling tips, not keto dieting. Another example, let’s say you are into keto dieting, and you are looking for those interested in the latest keto recipe. If you are promoting the keto life, you do not want to attract someone to your business that is looking for homeschooling hacks or underwater basket weaving. No offense to you underwater basket weaver’s. ☺️ You would not be helping them at all, and they would not be assisting you either.

One of my mentors has said when it comes to business, “the riches are in the niches.” I really couldn’t agree more. Think of it in terms of a medical doctor. In a study by Medscape PCPs or (general doctor’s), salaries averaged $237,000 per year. However, the specialist (niche doctor’s) made, on average, $341,000 per year. The general practitioner has to have training in a broader range of medicine. They have to be familiar with different medical procedures and have skills dealing with multiple issues.

On the other hand, specialist training is more specified. Generally only dealing with a small portion of the body in comparison to the whole body. The ability to hone into unique skills is a huge advantage to becoming an expert faster and easier. 

OK, I know that might’ve been more medical than you care to hear, but I decided to share that analogy anyway, LOL!

Having a niche is what separates you from your competition. You may sell the exact same items. Still, your particular product or service can be more unique because it specializes in a specific market.

One great example I’d like to use is a hamburger. There are several different types of patties used in a burger. However, for the most part, they’re either a meat product or a non-meat vegetable-based product.  

Let’s say I am a mom boss who wants to sell hamburgers. I would need to be savvy, and I would have to know my market. My success rate as a mompreneur would be significantly increased if I focused on more vegetable-based non-meat products. Why? My stand is located in a part of town with a large population of vegetarians!   

Even if I attempted to sell the best juiciest gourmet meat-based burgers at great prices, it really would matter because my market doesn’t want them.  

Take this blog; for example, I focus on people who want a successful online business. However, I am particularly targeting women who are moms who struggle with balancing family and a career. My audience wants to earn an income but not sacrifice their role or time with the family. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t have other interested readers. I’m just saying that is the bulk of my audience. 

Therefore, I will spend the majority of my time, posts, podcasts, and other resources honing in and focusing on providing solutions for the problems dealing with my target audience. 

You’re not only choosing a niche product or service you are actually selecting a niche audience.

The next question I’m sure you have is what type of niche I should choose?

What niche should I choose?


Tons of blogs, articles, and resources will tell you to pick any niche and make it successful. I say pick any audience and find the profitable niche that best suits them.

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After you found your audience, it is beneficial for you to find an evergreen niche. An Evergreen audience is just like a tree; it doesn’t rely on the season; it doesn’t rely on the trends. It works year after year. You definitely can invest in a typewriter. However, it would be more advantageous to invest in a laptop today. But what will it be tomorrow? What’s the next gadget? Just think about it, how many typewriters do you see in the stores today? Years ago, typewriters were like computers.

“Products can change like the wind, but the audience who purchases those products are the same.”

They are here to stay. The same audience who would have bought a typewriter many years ago are the same people who are now buying computers and smartphones. 

Again, this is why it’s essential to focus on the audience and not the product. 

Products are not able to withstand technology or the trends audiences are forever. 

Evergreen niches basically fall under three main categories:




I know you’re like, are you kidding me, three main groups?

I’m totally serious. 

Let me explain…

These are the main topics that people love year over year. You don’t have to have an aggressive marketing campaign. You’re not re-creating the wheel, and there is long-term potential for greater success in profitability. All of this is because they address human interests, concerns, or problems that are about ourselves. Health, wealth, and relationships deal with the “me” factor. In one of my favorite audiobooks, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie says people love to hear their own name

There’s no way for you to predict the next best diet trend for the next five years; however, we know that over the next five years, and beyond, there will be dieters. It would take too much energy to predict if keto, paleo, or anything else will be in demand. However, that audience will still have a demand for the same promised results.

When you focus on serving the needs of your audience, what you have to bring to them will always be what they want.

So what are some examples of Evergreen niche audiences you ask?

I got you covered!

Examples of evergreen niches by category

Health and wellness 

The global wellness economy is over $4.2 trillion and rapidly growing.  

Traditional medicine, mental health, stress relief, healthy eating nutrition, and weight loss, dieting, preventative in personalized medicine, personal care, beauty, anti-aging, relaxation, fitness, mind and body, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, disorders, etc.


Investing, wealth improvement, debt reduction, loans, taxes, credit repair, Make money online, Internet marketing, finance, real estate, jobs, employment, multi-level marketing, business opportunities, education, training, entrepreneurship, careers, etc.


Engagements, marriages, weddings, dating, singles, self-care, self-improvement, pets, kids, sex, parenting, friends, etc.  

Other profitable evergreen niches include: 

  • Sports: Skiing, swimming, golf, sailing, fishing, travel, hunting, boating, running, hiking, surfing, ATVing.
  • Travel: cruises, safaris, round the world trips, camping, backpacking, eco-tours, RVing,
  • Transportation: Cars, trucks, dirt bikes, ATVs, RVs


Now you are a niche expert! You know how to choose a profitable niche because you have the critical components for selecting a niche that will make you successful! You can define the word niche. You learned the importance of choosing a niche. You know how to decide which niche to choose. You are armed with example niches, and you are good to go! 

DM me on Instagram and let me know what niche you choose and why. I’m cheering you on!