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5 Best Goal Setting Hacks For Busy Entrepreneurs

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”Andrew Carnegie

There’s little that compares to happiness.  So if Andrew Carnegie was correct,  we should take his advice.  That’s why I want to share the best goal setting hacks for productivity in your business. 

Because, who doesn’t want to be happy? 

It’s no surprise, most of us believe in goal setting and resolutions at some point. It could be New Year’s resolutions, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals.  However, research says, 92% of people don’t reach their goals.  

Now, that’s a bummer!

Let’s be honest, how many of us are still hangin’ in there with our goals?  Did you know the second Friday of January is a holiday?  What holiday is it, you ask? It’s International Goal Quitting day!

Yeah, that’s no fun, either!

This may be an odd question but, is YOURSELF questioning you about your goals

I know MYSELF asks me: 

  • “How will I reach my goals?
  • “How am I going to be better than yesterday?”

MYSELF can be so- demanding.

Hey, I can’t blame her, she should be demanding- because she deserves it!

And so do you!

I’m betting; You love hard, and you work hard!

Of course, that’s why we couldn’t settle for anything but the best goal setting hacks, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time trying to figure it all out.

Best Goal Setting Hacks|Goal setting| goal setting tips| goal setting hacks| smart goal setting
Best Goal Setting Hacks

1. Breakdown Your Goals

Why not make it easy on YOURSELF and break those big lofty yearly goals down. Think, what four huge milestones do you have to hit to accomplish your goals at the end of the year?

Let’s start by looking at the overall goal and break it down into action steps:

  • What action do you need to take to reach your 3 month goals?
  • Actions required to accomplish your monthly goals
  • What action should you take to reach your weekly goals ?
  • Actions that you need to take to accomplish your daily goals.

If it’s daily goals, break it down into segments of time. Time blocking and then chunking similar tasks together (task batching) really help to smash your goals. 

To be honest, breaking down my goals is the only way I would ever reach them.

Now, here’s an idea of how a newbie entrepreneur could break down yearly goals into quarterly accomplishments.

  1.  Provide value to establish authority
  2.  Create solutions and offer them to your audience 
  3. Get feedback
  4.  Scale and grow 

Don’t forget to break each quarter into months and each month into weeks, and each week into days.

Simple yet effective, and it makes the gold-digging process like butter!  

Let’s keep on with the breakdown-

When we break things down, it’s easier to digest.  Some of us may be overwhelmed and discouraged when we set financial goals because we look at the entire number.  

Of course, when you’re just getting started, it may seem like it’ll take forever to make your first sale.

But here’s the kicker, it’s the small daily steps that create the foundation for success.

Remember, small wins can add up to big wins.  Not to mention, it gives to the little fix you need to keep going.

For Example, if you are a digital entrepreneur looking for recession-proof financial goals and you asked me- 

“How can I make $100,000 a year without a physical product?”

I’d say here’s a breakdown, for example:

$8340 a month x 12 months = $100,080

$278 dollars a day over 30 days

(1) 1 on 1 consultation @ $278 a day 

(2) Masterclasses @ $139 a day 

(4)  Workshop and workbook @ $69.50 a day 

(8) Digital Downloads @ 34.75 a day 

(16) Order bumps (Tripwires)  @ $17.38 a day 

(32) Ebooks @ $8.69

Now, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur selling physical products, and you asked me the same question.

“How can I make $100,000 a year selling physical products?”  

I’d say here’s a breakdown for example:

  • (1) Widget @ $278 a day 
  • (8) Widgets @ 34.75 a day 
  • (16) Widgets @ $17.38 a day 
  • (32) Widgets @ $8.69 a day
  • (64) Widgets @ $3.72 a day

This breakdown process can apply to nearly every goal. Here’s another example 

Suppose you wanted to lose 20 lbs this year.  Think about the small numbers first.

5 pounds a quarter –  5 pounds x  4 months = 20 pounds 

1.68 pounds a month – 1.68 pounds a month  x 12 months = 20.16 pounds

.42 (less than half a pound a week) – .42 pounds x 52 weeks = 21.86 pounds

You could trade half of the typically consumed sugary drinks for water without doing anything else and hit this mark! 

That doesn’t sound so tough now, right?  

Again, it’s the small things that add up to make a big difference.  

Set the big goal and forget it (for the moment). Focus on taking one step at a time.  

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier

2. Interview for Your Goals

Have you ever considered evaluating your goals and seeing if they meet your standard?  Yep! Interview yourself for the job of that goal. 

Try asking yourself questions like these:

  • Why is this goal important?
  • Do your skills match your goals? 
  • How would you feel after you accomplish this goal?  
  • How accomplishing this goal impact your life?
  • What will be the impact of this goal on other’s life?
  • Is this goal set by you or someone else?
  • Does it make you want to thrive?
  • How will you know you have successfully reached your goal?
  • Is this goal based on a feeling or the result?

First, let me clarify this question. Is this goal based on a feeling or the result?  

For example, do you want to feel like a billionaire, or do you want to be a billionaire? There are tons of unhappy billionaires as well as happy ones too. If you’ve never been a billionaire, you can only assume what it would feel like to be a billionaire.  So what result do you want your success to bring? 

Do you want to be able to travel, live in the home of your dreams, eat gourmet meals, drive nice cars, build schools, help the homeless, support your entire family?  

Can you enjoy all these things without actually being a billionaire?

One of my favorite books is Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Work Week, a classic in the digital marketing space, which talks about the concept of living how you want a lot faster than you think and well before you are a billionaire.  

Now, check this out Rafael Badziag, Business Insider contributor, spent six years interviewing 21 billionaires. He found that the 1% are happier than the average person — and it’s not just because they’re rich.  It’s the relationships they built along the way.

After interviewing high performing, financially successful individuals, I found a thin line between happiness and hell.  The stress, responsibilities, and time confinements are just a few reasons why they wish they didn’t grow as large as they became.  

Remember that there’s a sweet spot in success.  When you find it, hold on to it.  That is why setting financial goals alone can be meaningless to your happiness. Here’s a suggestion when you set your goals to make sure it meets your standards.  Ask yourself, will this goal add to my joy and energize me?

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.

-Maya Angelou

3. Set Priority Based Goals

How productive are your goals?  Are they based on your interest, values, and priorities? 

Let me share a secret with you sometimes we have great ideas about starting a business we know nothing about.  And get this, sometimes we don’t even have much interest in learning.  We try to force opportunities instead of going after the sure thing we know already.

I agree there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing new things, but does the learning curve match your goal timeline? Don’t you think your goals should be based on your priorities?  I sure do!

What’s important to you? What are your priorities, and do they match up with the end goal you want to achieve? I’m all about quick, easy wins.  So tackling what holds the highest priority will keep you motivated and push you even when you want to give up.
Before we can reach goals, we have to accomplish priorities.

  • A goal is defined as: the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end:
  • A priority is defined as: the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.

Without priorities, you can’t reach your goals

  • Priorities vs. Goals:
  • Focused on the present vs. Focused on the future
  • What’s happening right now vs. What will or may come
  • Now vs. Later

4. High Performers Attract High Performers

Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

It’s hard to say, but we mustn’t be selfish but genuine with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Let me just say it; there’s nothing worse than a negative friend or a person who drains you or brings you down.

If you did an inventory of your friendships and realized most of your friends aren’t happy, growing, and encouraging.  

Guess what?

I don’t have to be a mind reader to know; chances are you won’t be either.

Let me be a bit more specific, having toxic friendships is toxic for everyone. To be honest, sometimes removing yourself from a toxic relationship or situation can help everybody get to where they dream of being, instead of complaining about not being there yet.

With all of this being said, what type of friends should we attract if we want to reach high performers’ success?  

  • A friend you are happy to have a conversation with longer than a half-hour.
  • Someone you would be excited to share your future.
  • Someone who you are willing to support and they are mutually ready to help during a crisis.
  • A person who is self-motivated and provides positive energy
  • A friend who exposes you to new thoughts, ideas, and adventures
  • A friend who makes you feel energized and cares about your overall health. 
  • Someone you can trust and will provide advice in your best interest
  • Someone willing to hold you accountable for your decisions.
  • A friend who is committed to your overall growth and betterment

Again, to make those friends and keep those friends, we must be that same kind of friend. Of course, these types of friendships come few and far between. Unfortunately, we usually only experience 1 to 3 good friends in our entire lifetime. However, the more we grow in ourselves, the more we attract those like ourselves. Consequently, those who don’t have the same core values, concerns, or interests will become more distant.

“show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

5. Give Up After You Reach the Goal, Not Before 

Don’t give up too soon!  Did you know lack of perseverance and inconsistency are some of the most significant downfalls to failing at our goals?

Here are some easy tricks to stay consistent and persistent.

  • As we described above, breaking down our goals helps us visualize the tiny steps to celebrate wins and stay consistent. Instead of looking so far off, it seems impossible. Starting with the small daily winds helps to motivate us to keep going toward our larger goal.  Mind Maps are great for visualization!
  • You are finding and creating a system to know what you should be doing every day according to your energy. Use the time blocking and time batching techniques to work on low energy tasks during low energy time and high energy tasks during high energy times to keep you motivated.
  • Plan for failures.  Anticipate possible obstacles, failures, distractions, and stressors. Create the solutions to the potential problems before you reach them. Therefore, if you do encounter one of these issues, you already have the solution. Guess what? You can solve the problem and keep moving toward your goal!
  • The last tip on this subject is to stay around people who will motivate and energize you when you feel like giving up.

Here they are again; five best goal settings hacks for a quick review:

Best goal setting| goal settings| goal setting hacks| goal setting tips| Goal reach goals
5 Best Goal Setting Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs
  1. Breakdown Your Goals
  2. Interview for Your Goals
  3. Set Priority Based Goals
  4. High Performers Attract High Performers
  5. Give Up After You Reach the Goal, Not Before 

So there you have it, five best goal setting hacks for busy entrepreneurs. 

Can you add any goal setting hacks to the list?


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