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Not sure you are ready for the digital nomad life?  Start a side gig to become a digital nomad.  

Have you noticed more people moving around during the day, and the stores and streets are busier?  

I can remember more than a few times, some years back sitting in traffic thinking…don’t you people have jobs?! 

Secretly wondering if I missed the memo. 😱

Well, thanks to technology, many of them don’t just have a job…they own their lifestyle! They are living the laptop lifestyle.

They have more flexible free time! So of course, the roads and shops are busier! 😉

Making money and working from anywhere has become a craze! As a matter of fact, studies find 4.8 million independent workers describe themselves as a Digital Nomads living the laptop lifestyle.

The same study says, 17 million more people want to break down the cubicle walls someday and live nomadically. 

It’s a lifestyle that can drastically enhance how you can effectively juggle family and career. The numbers are growing…many people wonder how I can work from anywhere too?!

By the end of this article, you will learn:  

  • 13 alternative terms for a digital nomad
  • What is the digital nomad laptop lifestyle? 
  • Everything about digital nomads that you need to know infographic
  • 5 Most common type of digital nomads 
  • How to turn your current job into a remote position 
  • Digital nomad jobs and side gigs
  • 3 super cool companies that offer legit work from home opportunities 
  • How to work from anywhere

The term digital nomad isn’t new but, everyone isn’t familiar; maybe you have heard of one of these.  

13 Alternative Terms For A Digital Nomad:

  1. Remote Worker
  2. Expat 
  3. Laptop Lifestyle professional
  4. Location-independent professional 
  5. Perpetual Traveller
  6. Lifestyle Designer
  7. Work from anywhere workers
  8. Remote Nomad
  9. Digital Entrepreneur 
  10. Working Traveller
  11. Boundless Workers
  12. Lifestyle Designer
  13. Independent Workers

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a population of independent workers who choose the work from anywhere job path.  You could live life as a full-time traveler going to new places all the time, spend a few months here or there or you could just work in your pj’s from your sofa.

Digital Nomads

Forbes says, “The laptop lifestyle is needing only your computer, phone, and an internet connection to make an income. It really doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, a remote employee, or a freelancer – if you can do your work from any location, you qualify.”  

Tim Ferris, the author of The Four Hour Work Week, made this concept of a digital nomad or as I like to say a “laptop lifestyle” more mainstream. 

Ferris is like the leader of the digital nomad, laptop lifestyle work from anywhere revolution. He kind of reminds me of the 90’s hip hop group Digital Underground song Doowutchyalike.

He bucks the system and says, work remotely and live like you are rich and retired before you are too old to enjoy it… 

I thought to myself.  A digital nomad lifestyle could reduce the stress of my mom guilt, solve the problem of work/life balance, and provide a better quality of life.   Making an income from anywhere and having the time to enjoy my life and family intrigued me, and I wanted a piece of the action!

I read Tim Ferris’s book a few times. Well, the first time I listened to it on audible (Boss Chic Tip: Read books 3x as fast by using audiobooks on-the-go or while doing a task.  For even better absorption read along using the actual book.) as I prepared to run my first and probably last 1/2 marathon. Not the best on my knees and hips, so like Forrest Gump, I just stopped running, but I love brisk walks! 🚶🏽‍♀️😁


I was blown away by the content, and I immediately tried to put the ideas into action. Sadly, it was an epic fail. I struggled to balance my busy mom’s life and this new digital life…I couldn’t pull it all together. 

I was such a busy bee living life, I didn’t realize that I was so out of touch with the digital world.  

I thought I was in the know. Of course, I knew how to surf the internet and find pretty much whatever I wanted. Including mastering the art of the Black Friday matrix… but I did not understand how the digital world worked.  

At the time, I had no idea how I could be searching on Google for something random like the “The ultimate conversation starter game,” and an ad would pop up on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and everywhere else I went online. A strategically placed ad with exactly what I was looking for would be staring right at me. 

Who knew there was a cute little automated code with a cute little name called a pixel that could literally follow you around “online”?

The inner jokester in me is totally visualizing. A little pixel man is running around hiding and peeking around the corner, taking notes. Our every move is being recorded and brought back to his master, “The Advertiser.” All to “improve your internet experience,” enticing you with all the things they know you already love. 



Okay seriously, 

I was starting to notice a little bit of a generational gap. You know the moment you realize you are becoming more and more like your mom.😱

Umm hum, yeah!

Long story short, I took some time off from the idea. But, the work from anywhere life was calling my name. I finally decided to answer the call…and I joined the revolution and became a laptop lifestyle’ in Mompreneur.

You’re probably saying great for you, Brentney, but…

What about me? 

On the other hand, if you are thinking, I’m not ready to start an online business just yet. But I still want to take advantage of the laptop lifestyle benefits. What do I do?  

No worries…I gotcha covered. 

Let’s look at some digital nomad options:

5 Most Common Types of Digital Nomads

  1. Freelancer. Freelancers that are digital nomads are like contractors self-employed.  They can vary greatly from creatives to coders, etc.   
  2. Employees. Employee digital nomads work for a company remotely 
  3. Digital Creators. Digital Creators are mostly self-employed creating and selling digital products such as courses, ebooks, templates, etc.
  4. Professionals. Professionals are as mostly self-employed and work remotely as tax preparers, travel agents, legal advisors, virtual trainers, accountants, etc.
  5. Entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs can range greatly from digital entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, side-hustlers, etc. most of the digital nomads who don’t work for a company are considered entrepreneurs as well. 

How to turn your current job into a remote position

If you are currently working a 9-to-5 job you love, it would be great just to find a way to make it remote.  

You may not be able to travel the country for extended periods if there isn’t already a remote work system in place. You can even get started by working just a few days a week remotely. 

The remote worker life is not for everyone, and this is a great way to stick your toe in the water. (Soon you’ll be at the beach ;-))

Even if you do plan on being a full-time online entrepreneur, staying at or finding a job that allows remote working. This form of a digital nomad has reduced stress of starting a business online because business systems are already set in place.  

It’s a great way to solve the problem of learning a new business because you get free and actually paid training.  In addition, you gain experience that could be helpful if you choose the digital entrepreneur business model.  

Keep in mind you’ll still have a boss to answer to, maybe some office politics and drama. Even though you are away from the office (there are meetings) and your flexibility may have more limits. provides some statistics on remote work

This is not the most adventurous route to living life as a remote worker, but it’s a cool way to get paid to play without using your own resources.  

Digital Nomad Jobs and Side Gigs


Freelancing is a great way to side gig into becoming a digital nomad.  If you are looking for an easy way to make money and become a remote worker freelancing is a side hustle you could have while you are testing ideas.

Now, this is where your skill set comes in handy. Many of us are clueless as to how many skills we really have. It’s like finding cash in the couch!  


We have accumulated so many skills throughout the years that could be extremely helpful to others. So why not benefit from the knowledge and capabilities you already have?  

Most companies keep track of their employee’s skills. Do you keep track of your skills as well? Skill mapping will help you visually see where you are in terms of the skills you currently have and what you want to learn in the future.  

Boss Chick Tip: Keep a spreadsheet of capabilities/skills with proficiency and interest level. You will easily see where you can start cashing in your expertise for dollars.  

Don’t have time to create a template? Don’t have the skills? Don’t want to?

Don’t worry, I’ve already created a FREE Personal Capabilities/Skills Matrix template for you.  

Use this template to find your freelance niche market.

Just download the Google Doc, rename it, and complete the template. Anything with the proficiency level above a “2” gets green light to freelance.

Freelancing is the perfect mix between working for a company and becoming a full-time entrepreneur. The cool part about it is you don’t have to have a website, you don’t have to come up with a logo or fancy name you can just put your skills out there and start working.

Some people aren’t great writers, but they can edit the heck out of anything.  

Maybe even translating or transcribing for someone. Search jobs for virtual assistant, social media manager, content developer, voiceover artist, graphic designer, etc. Heck, there are even some people who get paid to travel and hold up logo signs for their clients in different cities. 

Formal education is not as important as skill. If you can produce, that’s what’s most important. Many of the people hiring freelancers aren’t exactly looking at your high school or college GPA. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a freelance listing that required a college degree.  

People just want to know you can get the job done well.  

Let’s say you feel like you aren’t too good at any particular skill, get creative. Take some online courses, get a mentor, or use your free time to volunteer. A place like a nonprofit who would be more willing to train you to learn, and you have flexibility with your time.  

The freelancing option is pretty awesome. You could be working your 9-5, while you make freelancing your side gig. You will soon be able to build up enough confidence and clients that you’re able to have a successful business.

You can freelance part-time and even full-time.  

This is especially a great way for stay at home moms, students, and retirees to utilize some skills and make some cash. All while being location free. (as long as there is Wi-Fi, of course.)

 If freelancing is something you’d like to do, there are some great companies like Fiverr, Seoclerks and Zeerk (formerly Yookers). I have personally used them several times to hire for projects. There is work for the highly skilled techie stuff and general admin stuff too, so don’t be sc-ar-ed.   

Boss Chick Tip: You can create one time content like a list, videos, tips, tricks, and hacks for a particular audience. When it’s purchased, it can be an automatic download. It’s a great way to start a small passive income.  

Online entrepreneur?

So what exactly is an online entrepreneur or an internet entrepreneur?

A person who is willing to risk financial loss in order to have financial gain over the internet.  Some of the world’s richest people are online entrepreneurs.  Have you heard of  Then you see the results of Jeff Bezos’s little start up that blossomed nicely!  How about Mr. Facebook Mark Zurkerberg?  

The infamous online entrepreneur ranges from billionaire to dreamers who never made a dime.  There are so many options and directions but just choose one niche. I suggest choosing your passion and get really good at it.  Before you move to the next adventure.  

If you are an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur wannabe the laptop lifestyle is perfect.  The overhead is extremely low.  You could get started for less than $200 bucks.  (What is that a week’s worth of groceries in exchange for a passive income stream?!)  You can have an online work from anywhere business fast… like up and running in a few weeks or if you’re really a bad axe (about as raunchy as it gets around here 🤪) Now, don’t misunderstand I’m not promising all your hopes and desires will come to life overnight. You will fail and become so miserable if you don’t at least have a general understanding, training and a plan.  

Online entrepreneurship is an excellent way to live in a remote lifestyle and not only create income but a passive income. That means make money on autopilot while you sleep, eat, travel… 

There are tons of options for an online entrepreneur seeking a laptop lifestyle.  It’s important that you choose a niche based on the level of freedom and physical involvement you desire.  

Keep in mind that online entrepreneurship does not mean it’s digital nomad laptop lifestyle friendly or even passive.  For example, unless you want to handle packing and shipping yourself you may want to sell products using Amazon’s fulfillment Amazon FBA versus Ebay.  Or unless you want to be contacted via phone and have meetings with customers you may not want to open an agency.  Everything can be adjustable but just as a rule of thumb keep in mind which online business you choose when you think of how you like to spend your time.  

If you are selling on Esty, teaching how to make money on YouTube, developing business ideas around niche marketing or just solving a problem.  

Just get started!

Now we’ve discussed what online business fits your personality. Turning your current job into a remote position. Now, it’s time for 3 super cool companies that offer legit work from home opportunities.  

Companies with Real Work From Home Opportunities

  1. Automattic

This is a super cool company that lets you choose your own adventure. The company operates mostly on WordPress for group collaboration, so they are active 24/7 because they are not geographic limited. Working in more than 60 countries, everyone is living a laptop lifestyle digital nomad life. They call themselves Automatticians! I love the name!

They have meetups around the globe for seven days once a year so everyone can get together and bond, and then there is another meetup for brainstorming.  

Who do they hire?

They want self-driven, collaborative, communicative, friendly people who are amazing with GIFs. Do you fit the Automattic Creed culture?


Open vacation – Take as much time as you need as long as you get your job done. You’ve got to be kidding!! 

Allowance – Get an allowance for working from your home office or get comped for your coffee at a coffee shop. Wow! How will you use your allowance kiddo? 

Get what you need – Do you need a laptop and some software. How about books or conferences? If it will help you grow in the job, you get it.

Life insurance – It’s on the company.

Want a baby on the way? – What until you’re with the company for 12 months, and you’ll get a full paid leave! Oh, baby!  

Anniversary gifts – Stick around; you’ll get a laptop at 4 years and wireless headphones at 7 years. 

Paid sabbatical – Get 2-3 months every 5 years…it’s encouraged! 

All expense paid company travel – Get out your passport because company meetups are around the world, baby!

Your country dictates other benefits such as health, vision, dental, retirement, pension, childcare, etc.

They have cooler job titles, but they have open positions in:

Engineering, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Service, HR, Legal, Finance, and Enterprise.

What’s the process?  

After the interview process, you’ll do a short term project (2 – 6 weeks). The project is to see if you’re a match for each other, then you’re off to training in customer support regardless of your position.  

2.  VIPKid  

Are you a teacher, or do you want to teach, but you don’t want to have to step into a classroom?  Maybe you don’t have a teaching certificate.  Do you want flexibility? Do you want a full-time opportunity or a side hustle? Do you want to teach abroad but live wherever you want?  

VIPKid fits the super cool list because it does all of that! In addition, VIPKid was ranked Forbes #1 rated company for Remote Jobs and ranked in the top 100 Best Places to Work in 2019 by Glassdoor. One other super cool bonus is that, on average, you are hired in two weeks or less.

Teach students generally between the ages of 5 and 12 in China English one-on-one from wherever you wish! You don’t even have to create the curriculum!  

3.  Aha!

Old school values with new school work life. Aha! is a fast-growing self-funded powerhouse. They have no offices or salespeople! How can you grow so quickly and have the world’s #1 road map software without salespeople? You can when you put the people first!

The good stuff – Work from anywhere even internationally, receive profit sharing, retirement contributions, personal time, health benefits, company meetups, and giving back to the global community.   

Conclusion: Side Gig Your Way to Become a Digital Nomad

Let’s wrap this thing up, we established the fact that a digital nomad laptop lifestyle individual has the freedom and flexibility to work from nearly anywhere. As long as there are internet and a laptop/smartphone. 

You learned how to find out what online business to start based on your personality and lifestyle.  How to turn your current job into a remote position. Laptop lifestyle job ideas and three companies that offer real work from home opportunities. 

Don’t forget these awesome hacks!

Boss Chick Tips™: 

  • Read books 3x as fast by using audiobooks on-the-go or while doing a task.  For even better absorption read along using the actual book.

  • You can create one time content like a list, videos, tips, tricks, and hacks for a particular audience. When it’s purchased, it can be an automatic download. It’s a great way to start a small passive income. 

  • Keep a spreadsheet of capabilities/skills with proficiency and interest level. You will easily see where you can start cashing in your expertise for dollars.

If you haven’t already. Get your freebies:

Take my freebies to make things EASIER to be your own boss and enjoy your life.

Okay, you did it! If you aren’t already, follow with me on Instagram and get awesome tips and hacks. Let me know what you loved the best!

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