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7 Keys to Getting Organized

Getting organized can be so frustrating. I think it safe to say nobody really wants to be disorganized, but it happens to us all from time to time. The internet is full of information about getting organized, but this is often hard to apply to our lives. However, there are seven keys to getting organized to make it much easier to calm the chaos. 

After reading the blog, we will have direction! We can have everything in its place, making things easier to find. When we are organized, we can get more done and have more time for what really matters. 

So let’s start opening doors and opportunities! 

1. Set Aside Some Time

“I don’t have time for this” 

We know this sentence is something we utter very often whether that is for working out, working on a passion project, or most importantly, organization! 

But we do! We do have the time to do all of these. The key factor is setting aside time for it. Instead of getting sucked into the hole of looking at our phones or watching the latest Netflix show, we can set aside time in our routine to start with organizing. It will honestly save us so much time in the long run and will finally allow us to find time for our passion projects and self-care! 

One tip is to incorporate organizing into our morning and evening routines. This will help us to get consistent in setting aside some time for organizing.

2. Pick One 

Organizing can lead to us feeling overwhelmed, and rightfully so. There are so many areas in our lives that probably need organizing. This can be at work, business, home, and safe spaces. 

So, pick one! Let’s take it one zone, category, or a space at a time. If we want to focus on home, which part? If it is the kitchen, will it be the fridge or one drawer? 

When it comes to organizing, we don’t have to get it all done in one day! Instead, we should take it one day at a time! 

7 keys to getting organized | getting organized


3. Gather Up Items in the Zone 

Now, if we’re in front of a pantry, in the trunk of the car, or even our closet, we need to gather up our items into one zone! For example, when organizing a pantry or even a room, gather up all items into one zone. Lay everything down in order from easiest tasks like “keep” (things you know are important) right on through “discard.” Then there’s “declutter-able,” which can include anything left uncertain about whether they should stay around or not – these will go somewhere else for now with more attention paid once things become clearer… And finally comes the discard section: This final section holds any clothes, food, email, gadgets, etc., no longer wanted.

4. For Each Item, Ask Yourself If It… 

Does it bring joy to our life? Asking this question will help you evaluate how much value the item gives us in our lives. This is amazing to help us declutter our “declutter-able” zone. 


Before you know it, you’ll have space that you use for something else! This is amazing as it clears up the space and energy that we put into other things that can even bring us more value. So, don’t be afraid to let go of something that no longer serves you. 


5. If Something Brings Joy Into Your Life 

In our keep zone or the items, we decide that do bring joy into our lives – keep it! 

When clearing the items that serve us or spark joy, we can consider donating and selling them. This way, our items can serve others and spark joy in their lives instead. 


6. Spend 10 Minutes Decluttering Every Day 

Before you know it, we’re going to be organized. 

Ten minutes may not seem to be a lot of time, but it makes a whole world of difference when done consistently. Plus, it’s a small way to feel productive in your day! 

7. Still, Wondering? 

Are you still unsure how to get organized? Well, the last key is the easiest key to get organized because it’s done for you.  Grab your very own productivity cheat sheets

Have you ever wondered:

  • What you should declutter and where you should start
  • How the house will get clean when you don’t have much time
  • How to get help around the house without feeling guilty
  • What foods to put in your cart, so you aren’t wondering what you’re eating all week
  • What workout you will do and how to stay motivated
  • What tasks do you forget to schedule or prioritize

productivity cheat sheets

We don’t have to stress and get overwhelmed because there’s are EASIER ways for us to get organized. This is the perfect toolkit for anyone who wants to take their life from chaotic and unorganized to productive and free. And best yet – these are downloadable PDFs with fillable forms, so they can go anywhere!

I also highly encourage you to check out podcast episode, “No More Chaos: Productivity the Lazy Way” 

Now, You Have 7 Keys to Getting Organized!

You can either get organized and work through your problems instead of letting them pile up or continue on as usual by continuing down that path towards chaos while waiting for things in life happen around us rather than taking control ourselves.  

What will you do with the keys? I think we’ve all been there before. We are ready to go, but still procrastinate for some reason or another…  So tell me… Which choice will it be?

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