Shift Mindsets? What if I told you that you had superpowers? And that with these superpowers, you could literally change the world as you know it.

4 Ways to Successfully Shift Mindsets

Why Shift Mindsets?

Shift Mindsets? What if I told you that you had superpowers? And that with these superpowers, you could literally change the world as you know it.

I know it sounds a lot more like fiction than like reality, but you really do have superpowers, and one of those is the ability we have to shift mindsets! In episode 66 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, we’re joined by Ken Attard!

Ken is the founder of Mindset Malta and Inside Lane. He helps frustrated entrepreneurs pivot their businesses and adapt by using the arc method. In this episode, we’re exploring how powerful our mindsets are, how they can affect our results, and how to harness this to shift and pivot into a success!

From my conversations with other entrepreneurs, the main reason they have moved away or want to do something more than a 9 to 5 job is freedom. It is the freedom to do what we’re truly passionate about, what we’re good at, the financial freedom, and most importantly, the freedom with our time.

Now, when you’re starting to establish your business, it may seem like you’re working way more than a 9 to 5 job. This goes for all the entrepreneurs out there. We need to understand that there is always something to do, improve, follow up, or plan. Is that freedom, though?

To truly have freedom is to know when to STOP. Take a break, stop doing what you’re doing and slow down. We get sucked into a hustle culture that is not beneficial for us in the long run. We end up being burnt out and sick. Slow down and stop. That is when you will be able to tap into your creativity, find your best ideas and be truly inspired!

Don’t forget to tune into Episode 66 of Total Fit Boss Chick as we talk about mindset and our ability to change and pivot our way to success!

Topics on Pivoting and Shifting Mindsets

  • 3 U’s of Mindsets 
  • The Power of Mindsets 
  • Slowing Down 
  • Ken’s Productivity Secrets 

Why Shift Our Mindsets?

Would you believe me when I say that mindsets are our superpower? Before we talk about how we can shift our mindsets to lead us to success, we need to understand why it is such a powerful untapped tool we have. 

Key Points to Shift Mindsets 

Mindsets are the way we perceive things, environments, and changes around us. It sounds daunting to change our mindsets as it is how we know to process things around us for years. But the fact that you want to learn and start knowing more about mindsets can be truly empowering. 

How powerful can mindsets be? Let’s break down the chain reaction of our mindsets. 

  1. Our mindsets affect our thoughts 
  2. Our thoughts cause certain emotions

These emotions can have a positive or negative influence on how we feel

  1. Your emotions affect the actions you take 
  2. The actions we take will result in the experiences we have 

Essentially, mindsets help form beliefs, which are thoughts that we keep thinking over and over again. If we carry a certain belief throughout our lives, it will influence how we feel and our actions. Now, we can change and harness our mindsets to be more positive and empowering. This is one of the keys to success, the belief we have in ourselves, our capabilities, our ideas, and most importantly, our time. Freedom with our time, or freedom in any sense, can be achieved without burnout all through changing our mindsets. 

Now, don’t forget to tune in to Episode 66 of Total Fit Boss Chick to understand the three U’s, underrating, underestimating, and underutilizing mindsets that are hindering us from empowering ourselves with our mindsets! 

Ready to Use Your Superpower?

Listen to Episode 66 of the Total Fit Boss Chick NOW to learn more about the power mindsets and how we can pivot it to help us reach our goals and truly experience freedom as individuals and as entrepreneurs! 

So tell me are you ready to shift your mindset and flex your superpowers?

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