How to Build a Brand that Connects

Why Should You Build a Brand that Connects

If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or content creator, there is one common thing -BRAND! We need to know how to build a brand that connects. The problem is that it’s not just about creating and posting about your product or services. 

To be honest, it almost the opposite. It’s all about providing value and creating content that stands out. It’s no surprise that people want to support the imperfect, authentic human behind all the content and stuff because it resonates with them most. 

Nick Mcgraw elaborates all these points in a great way. He spills out all the questions that you’re supposed to ask yourself while creating your own brand. Most of the questions made me get better perspectives for my brand. 

During our discussion, Nick shared an astounding experiment that makes you understand whether you’re doing justice in the creation process. Tune into this Episode and create a better connection through your brand. 

Even if you’re just getting started or a seasoned pro, you’ll enjoy the tips on how to build a brand that connects.

Nick of McGrawesome Designs is a graphic designer who builds brands that stand out, connect, and helps entrepreneurs grow online. Nick shares what we can do to make our content better, strengthen our brand through value, and find the time to make it happen.

Topics We Explored to Build a Brand that Connects:

  • How to be crystal clear about your brand and content strategy?
  • Finding your true fans, AKA your community
  • Questions to ask before creating posts and freebies
  • Making your content highly value-packed.
  • Maintaining your branding on all the platforms
  • How to love and live our brand?
  • Nick’s Productivity and automation secrets

How Can You Create a Brand that Connects?

Just in case you’re wondering the steps to build a brand that connects. We’ve got you covered!

  1. Understand why you do what you do. 
  2. Clarity with your vision, mission, values, and ethics.
  3. Define your branding.
  4. Share what you know along with the things you like and enjoy
  5. Batch your tasks.
  6. Be consistent with your valuable content.


I’m not going to lie; there are tons of points to help build your business on social media and your website, reflecting your brand. So that you can put out the best to share it with the world, you can build beautiful connections virtually, and you can grow in all aspects.

Here’s how you can reach Nick:

@mcgrawesomedesign // Mcgrawesome.com


Tools suggested during the show: Canva, Mailchimp, Hootsuite Creator studio, and Calendly

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