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How to Build a Personal Brand of YOU!

Why Should You Listen

I’m sure you’ve heard of a personal brand, right? If not, it’s basically the brand of YOU™!  That’s right, and it’s the brand only unique to you. 

I’m just going to say it, there’s tons of information out there, and most of it is hardly applicable to people like you and me. 

Here’s a secret, if you want to build or level up your personal brand, you’ll definitely want to check out Episode 31 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast! 

In case you were wondering, this podcast totally fills the gap between where you’re stuck and where your goals align.

My guest Talie Miller, personal branding coach and CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency, We Are The New, talks about building your personal brand. It is not just growing your social media page but also about the things you need to learn, unlearn, and relearn. Yep, that’s a mouth full, but I’m sure you love the tips on finding your voice and taking action towards your entrepreneurial journey through a personal brand that speaks for you.

Interesting right?

I know, this stuff is juicy!

I’m not going to lie, I was enlightened, and it opened my eyes to a different perspective and approach to personal branding while recording this podcast. 

You tell me, what if you knew the right actions to take in building a stunning personal brand would you at least take a little time to listen?

Well, right in this episode, you are given the actions. 

Here’s a small gist of the conversation:


    • Build a personal brand of YOU
    • Finding your ideal audience
    • Leveling up in the personal branding game
    • The benefits of showing your vulnerabilities and shortcomings
    • Creating your unique brand story
    • Motivation and mindset

7 Steps to Building the Brand of YOU!

  1. Do your market research first.
  2. Define you why, what, how.
  3. Complete a competitive analysis.
  4. Define what set’s you apart.
  5. Define your brand look, voice, and feel.
  6. Get Comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  7. Invest in yourself: coaching, courses, read books, listen to podcasts, etc.

Leveraging Your Personal Brand

There’ll be a lot of people under the same micro niche, but what makes your personal brand is what we discuss in this podcast.

4 Ways to leveraging your personal brand

  1. Defining and clarifying your niche 
  2. Evolving with a personal brand
  3. Combining your skills and expertise in few captivating words
  4. Stand out from the majority. 

In this digital era, to hire or even to get employed, you can use the power of social media to place your own brand. Research says 82% of customers trust a company has an active presence online. 78% of people who hire find their candidates online, and 81% of the US population has at least one social media profile.

So, if you’re skilled in a specific field or passionate about a subject, you can showcase yourself as a thought leader, a knowledgeable person, or an expert. You can be employed in your favorite company or even create jobs.

Here’s how you can reach Talie: //

So what do you think?  What are your greatest takeaways from this podcast?


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