Building stronger communities. peer to peer mentoring group isn’t just a thing of the past.

7 Clever Steps to Building Stronger Communities: Learn More, Earn more

Building Stronger Communities

Building stronger communities aren’t just about a neighborhood anymore. You can learn more and earn more within a mentoring community. Imagine if you had a group of people who put your interest before theirs? Yes, like Ben Franklin’s junto! A peer-to-peer mentoring group isn’t just a thing of the past. A meaningful life mentoring is possible!

In this episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick, we’re joined by EA Csolkovits, the founder of Givers University. He started at 16 as a janitor, but he was a millionaire by the time he was 23. Today, we will discuss how to build a sense of community, the seven clever steps to attract more givers, and the importance of mentorship and coaching.

Before we jump into building a community of givers – let’s clearly define who they are! Research has concluded that 20% of the population are “takers” or people who take an opportunity in situations. 20% of the population are “givers” who provide value to the circumstance. The remaining 60% are “fencers” who can act as givers or takers depending on the situation. 

Now it’s important to highlight that even if you are a giver, you are not taken advantage of or taken for granted. This is because what you give out will return to you. Hence, building a community of givers will truly inspire and help you achieve your goals! 

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick to learn more about the steps to attract and build a community of givers! 

Topics on Building Stronger Communities

  • EA’s story 
  • EA’s lessons
  • The steps to building stronger communities – D I S C E R N 
  • Mentoring Moments with EA 

How to Building Stronger Communities: Learn More, Earn more

Can you envision a community of givers that will provide you coaching, mentoring, and counseling?

We’re going to discuss some of the points to attract more givers. So, tune in to this week’s episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast to get all the details! 

Key Points in Attracting More Givers 

  • Deeds

One of the key points to distinguish if someone is a taker or giver is through their deeds. From here, you can ask yourself, “who or what type of people do I want to surround myself with?”

However, I would like to clarify that you shouldn’t be stereotyping or judging a person. You are DISCERNING the people you want a community with! 

  • Invite

Next is invite! Invite those individuals who also would want to create their own community in the future. You can teach them how to build their community. 

  • Convene

On a regular basis, it can be weekly or monthly, but it’s important that you find time to meet together with your giver community. 

  • Identity

Establish an identity for your group. Have an established name for your community, and it’s members. It aids in the closeness and comradery of the group. 

  • Rotate

Rotate the chairperson for every meeting. This designated person will lead the meeting and agenda. 

Don’t miss out on all the details on this week’s episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick. 

ALSO, if you feel like you might not have time to build your giver community, I highly recommend you to check the (FREE) Daily Planner! It helps people achieve extraordinary things with simple daily steps! 

To build an extraordinary community by taking it One Day At a Time! 

Give, Give, Give!

There’s more to give in this week’s episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, “7 Clever Steps to Building Stronger Communities: Learn More, Earn More.” I highly suggest you tune in to get all the details and key points! 

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