Personal Finance Coaching Advice From a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

Personal Finance Coaching Advice From a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

Ready for Personal Finance Advice From a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

Do you want to know about personal finances? Are you tired of feeling out of control? What can we do to get those debt collectors to stop calling us?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Financial peace is possible…keep listening for solutions to master your debt and be free! In this episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, we’re joined by Leah Ellis, a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University financial coach of Endeavor Financial Coaching.

She is helping people take baby steps to build wealth and how to kiss debt goodbye. Today, we’re discussing how to make the debt collector stop calling you, pay for your kid’s college, and keep more of your money and plan for the future.

You can do all this and more without filing bankruptcy (or faking your death). Take control of your financial future, and reach your financial goals. You don’t have to be stressed anymore.

You can also learn to love the “b-word” (budget)!

Before you start your business, if you’re quitting your job to start your business, make sure you have a really hefty, six-month emergency fund. So if your business makes no money for six months, you don’t start work, start creating debt so that you can eat while you’re trying to build your business.

Build slowly when you’re building your business because your business will crumble if you build too fast. But because if you build slowly, you have more time to create the money you need.

Find a bookkeeper or an accountant who practices profit first and make sure your business starts paying you as soon as you start paying it instead of waiting for the magic day that your business has enough profit for you to want to take a paycheck.

The biggest thing is not letting the fact that you have only a hundred dollars keep you from doing something. Anything is better than stagnant. So, don’t miss any of the details on the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, “Personal Finance Coaching Advice From a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach.”

Topics Discussed With a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

  • Get Out of Debt
  • Set Up a Monthly Budget
  • Prepare for Retirement

Personal Finance Coaching Topic

As Leah highlights, make something visual; make yourself a vision board if you’re visual. And the other thing is to give yourself like victory prices. When you figure out what 100% of your debt is, and then when you get to 25% of that is paid off. Take a hundred bucks away from your dog, that snowball, and go do something fun.

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Key points in Reaching your Financial Goals:

  • Plan for the future: start saving but do your budget. Don’t start saving until the debt collectors. Pay off debt collectors, then start saving for college and paying off your house in your retirement. If you look at Dave Ramsey, he’s got the steps in order to do it that way. It’s convenient because it’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and you’re done. So do it in the order.

  • What would be the fastest, most efficient way to get debt taken care of?

There are lots of options. But it’s most common to start with baby steps. There’s the debt avalanche, the debt snowball. There’s like a pay by the monthly premium payment plan.

Whichever one keeps you motivated, that’s the one that’s going to be fastest because if you don’t stay motivated, you’re going to stop halfway through.

Personal Finances Profits!


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