Emotional Intelligence: The Little-Known Secret to Conquering Success

Emotional Intelligence: The Little-Known Secret to Conquering Success

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use and manage your emotions in positive ways. It’s not getting pissed off when things don’t go well; it’s being real with yourself about what you’re feeling without blaming others or making excuses for why bad situations happened–it could just happen sometimes!

A person with high emotional intelligence (EQ) can communicate better; they will reduce their anxiety/stress levels when communicating, making conflict resolution easier! On top of that, they’re good listeners who are not judgemental or blaming others for challenges they face during life (which always come with some type of negative emotion attached).

Emotions are always there, but having a high EQ will help us overcome life challenges by interacting better while still remaining emotionally balanced, ultimately improving relationships if practiced often enough over time.

Topics We Explored:

In episode 69 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, Merit Kahn, an emotional Intelligence sales expert, and CEO of SELLect Sales Development, tells us how to increase our emotional intelligence, how to stop selling, and Start getting SELLected. The key to doing more deals and expanding influence without being too aggressive and how the combination of mindset, mechanics, and motion can change your profit game!

How Emotional Intelligence Improves Leadership

Merit says,

“Sometimes we think a good leader is really knowledgeable about the industry and their products and services and all of that. And that’s part of it for sure. But. What really has people rise to the top is how well they treat other people. That’s really the essence of emotional intelligence, how well we understand our own emotions and our impact on other people when we don’t understand that. To be more influential with other people, it’s so important that we understand what has influence over us.”

You don’t want to have highs and lows. What you’re really striving for is balance, which can be improved with the help of emotional intelligence training programs like MBT (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). Self-care techniques such as meditation involve practicing one’s own control over how they feel by focusing on their thoughts in order to gain perspective before acting upon them. 

It might sound too simple at first glance, but when we look closely, enough all aspects/behaviors seem different because each situation calls out certain responses from us – these things may change depending on what happens during our lives.

How Do We Develop and Build Emotional Intelligence?

If you’re looking for the best way to build your emotional intelligence skills, I have just what will work. The first step should always involve understanding yourself and getting an accurate assessment of how wired up or down we are with our emotions on any given day so that they can be used in tandem– strengths against weaknesses! This really helps us focus more efficiently, too, because by taking stock before starting anything new, it becomes easier instead of trying again only when things go wrong.

It may sound simple enough at this point: figure out where WE’RE strong.

Right now, it’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses, so you can be the best person possible. For example: if I know that my greatest strength is elegantly communicating complex ideas, but one of my worst traits is being disorganized, then using these two skills together could really help me!

I think emotional intelligence will also give us greater insight into who we are at our core – what makes us tick? How do other people see this side or trait about themselves, too-even though they might not realize why certain actions seem innate for them just yet… And with knowledge comes power– understanding how YOU work can lead others down paths towards self-discovery as well because when someone finds out.

What Can Emotional Intelligence Do For Me at Work or in My Business?

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist says, there are five components of emotional intelligence. Here’s how to apply the components at work: 

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize your emotions and what triggers them. Knowing how others might feel about a situation helps bring empathy into work-life for better relationships with coworkers or clients alike! Being aware of these feelings also lets us more easily control our own emotional responses so that they don’t affect those around us negatively; this then creates an overall more positive effect on everyone’s lives (and job!).

Self-regulation is the ability to control and adjust your emotions to create a more positive situation. The best way to manage your emotions is by being in control of them. You are not hiding yourself or what you feel, but regulating when and how often they should be expressed so that the appropriate time for expressing ourselves will never come up without warning! People with this skill tend to have good self-control over themselves and know how to deal with conflict well by calming others down if need be.

A self-motivated leader is internally motivated and more focused to achieve goals, and their team also gets the same motivation. When a leader has this trait, it boosts employee morale, making them want to work hard for success as well! Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for success on your terms or working within a corporate culture and trying not to wake the sleeping giant that is beneath us all: we require some form of motivation from time to time.

Empathic leaders can connect with their team, understand what’s happening in the organization and provide guidance. They also care about others on a personal level which generates respect from those under them for being honest about how they feel without fear or favoritism.

Empathy means understanding your employees’ perspectives so that you can help identify areas where improvements could be made while still holding true values of yours as well! 

Social skills are a must for good leaders because they need to be able to build and manage relationships. They interact with people in a helpful way, building networks of support for themselves while working on behalf of others at all times. These individuals are skilled communicators who help translate ideas into action using their incredible skill set, which includes great social skills!

How Do We Get SELLected?

In business, we want our clients to be happy with their transactions. Well, not just happy, we want them to beg for what we have to offer. Here are a few tips you’ll learn from this show. 

  • Be influential 
  • Be interactive
  • Be “Open for Business”
  • Draw out any potential obstacles before leaving the conversation. Merit says, 

 “So when you talk about this with your team and you’re getting them all excited, what do you think? They’re going to say, give me one, objection. There’s gotta be somebody on your team. What’s that person going to say?”

Listen to episode 69 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast and Learn Emotional intelligence: the little-known secret to conquering success to find out more like how to use a combination of mindset, mechanics, and motion can change your profit game, how humor can improve your recovery!

Emotional intelligence and Being SELLected in Business:

In today’s society, it is important to develop your emotional intelligence. This will allow you to understand better and manage the emotions that come with life’s many challenges in positive ways. And who doesn’t want more peace of mind?

Merit is “Open for Business,” and if you want to see how her knowledge and expertise translates to you and your endeavors, you can find her here: 


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