We’re joined by Sara Anna Powers, a success coach who was an attorney-turned entrepreneur who decided to step out on faith!

Faith, Entrepreneurship, and the Power of Choice!

Why Should You Listen

I know faith can be a touchy subject, but we will always believe in something no matter what. It could be God, the universe, or anything someone believes in spiritually.

This belief can be the very reason we can propel forward. We’re joined by Sara Anna Powers, a success coach who was an attorney-turned entrepreneur who decided to step out on faith!

She uses faith-based principles to create expert messaging in business mentorships. Sara Anna believes in Christianity, where the principle of God treating others with love is very important.

Likewise, she wants to serve her customers from a place of love. In today’s Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast Episode 47, we’re exploring the four C framework and how to build a six-figure business while managing a full-time job.

Sara explains that you can be both grateful yet still have the desire. With faith, it heightens possibilities of what the future can be, to be much more than you could ever imagine.

Many people have faith in the possibility of a negative future, like believing they’ll fail or won’t reach their goals. However, having faith in a beautiful and bright vision of what you truly desire is your choice. You have the power to choose where you lay your faith, and possibly, your future!

Faith and Business Topics:

  • How faith can play a part in business 
  • Navigating between failure, success, and growth
  • Balancing a full-time job and growing a six-figure business
  • The four C framework 
  • Up-level skills then up-level pay 

Key Takeaways to Connect and Convert with Your Audience ​

How Do You Leverage the Four C Framework? ​

For you to get far with anything sales-related, the key is coming from a genuine place to serve people. It will enable you to convert your audience to become paying clients that will be there to support you, your business, and what you stand for in the long run.

Let’s break down the Four C Framework! 

  1. Connect: This is the first and most crucial stage. You want to connect and relate with your audience truly. The best way to create that is through showing who you are, including your weird and quirky habits! 
  2. Contrast: A lot of sales like to go and hit you with pain points. However, try to show the contrast between what they’re struggling with and the paradise of possibility. 
  3. Call to Action: It helps you to direct your audience on what steps they should take next. 
  4. Convert: Conversion of your audience to clients will happen naturally if these steps are followed through! 

Have Faith in Your Choice

Tune in to the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast Episode 47. Let’s propel forward to a brighter and bigger future with faith! 

Have you used faith in your business?  What has been your experience?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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