Ep 48 Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast Can Feminine Energy Balance The Hustle? Feminine Energy?

Can Feminine Energy Balance The Hustle?

What is Feminine Energy?

Can feminine energy balance the hustle? It’s an interesting concept. If you’ve felt guilty for taking time off work and taking care of yourself – you’re not alone! However, we need to be able to step away from work, set boundaries and redefine our value outside of productivity!

In episode 48 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, we’re joined by Ashima Chopra! She’s the founder of Ashima Awakening, the youngest committee chair of hEr VOLUTION. We’re discussing the power of feminine self-care, self-love, setting healthy boundaries and mindful practices.

Feminine and masculine energies are polar but both are needed for balance. Yet, our feminine energies have been suppressed under masculine energy. Our masculine energies refer to our constant need to conquer and achieve our goals. In turn, we’ve romanticized the idea of hustling beyond exhaustion.

I’m not sure what it is about the female energy, but I find myself attracted to learn more about this feminine energy. And when I say “feminine” – I don’t mean wearing a skirt and heels or anything like that. Instead, I’m talking about making space for stillness in your life. It’s more of a mindset than an outward appearance thing!

So many people have said to me…”Since starting my own business, it seems as though there has been an endless list of tasks on my plate. The hustle never stops – which can be great at times but also feels very overwhelming during others (especially when you’re juggling family too).” So how do we make room for our feminine energies while still being able to keep up with everything? 

I don’t know about you, but who wants to constantly hustle? No one should feel guilt for turning it down a notch and stepping outside for a breath of fresh air or sleeping in from time to time. Tune into Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast episode 48!

We’re getting in touch with our feminine energies, healing and defining how we value ourselves outside of our achievements!

Topics Discussed on Feminine Energy:

  • Defining masculine and feminine energies
  • Importance of the feminine energy 
  • Not feeling guilty about committing to self-care
  • How can we heal 
  • How to set healthy boundaries 
  • Mentoring moments 

Growing Past Our Lowest Point

When we redefine our values, sometimes a good starting point is reflecting where we were during our lowest points. What were the things we’ve learned and let go of? Most importantly, seeing the beauty and accepting our broken pieces. 

If we want to start healing, it’s important that we include ourselves in the process. We have a tendency of focusing on those around us when there are things wrong with them. Instead, be curious about your own feelings and learn how to set boundaries.

Nature is something to be embraced when healing. There’s a reason our bodies need oxygen to survive: it has been proved that being surrounded by nature provides us with peace of mind and allows for better health. Let your worries melt away

Key Takeaways on Healing 

  • Healing is a personal journey that can go up and down 
  • We can start healing by being curious and learning to set boundaries
  • Embrace nature and oxygen
  • Kintsugi: Embrace our flaws and imperfections 
  • Be okay with broken 
  • We’re constantly moving, creating experiences and fostering wisdom 

What Do You Think, Can Feminine Energy Balance the Hustle?

Listen to episode 48 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast to get in tune with our feminine power and refine our value outside of productivity! 

Do you want to know more about holistic self-development? Get in touch with Ashima Chopra! 

Website: ashimaawakening.com

Instagram:  @_ashimachopra


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