Keys to Finding Joy and Clarity Even When You're Busy

Joy and Clarity Is Possible Even When You're Busy​

Clarity can affect your joy!? Entrepreneurship can be a joyous journey, but it’s not always easy. As you go through the ups and downs of your business life as an entrepreneur, there is one thing that will affect how much joy or peace we feel: our clarity!

Have you ever felt lost in uncertainty? Do you know that feeling of spiraling down into an abyss called “doubt and uncertainty?” The moments between “I got this” and “What is going on?” Those cloudy moments are the worst. But don’t worry; Lucy Liu wants to help bring back those sunny days. In episode 68 on Total Fit Boss Chick, we’re joined by Lucy Liu! She’s just as badass as the spy on Charlie’s Angels, and she’s here to help us kick doubt away!

Lucy is a coach, speaker, and author. We’re discussing the keys to finding clarity, building unbreakable confidence, and coping with stress and being overwhelmed.

You can find joy–even if it seems out of reach when we’re drowned in work and maybe we’re not making the sales we want, so you begin questioning whether you’ve made the right choices. Yet, we can find clarity and joy that will enable us to pursue our dreams further and not give up!

Now, when we’re overwhelmed, we tend to have negative thoughts. We need to change our mindset and realize that any circumstance we are put in is neutral – it’s how we perceive it to be. When we have negative thoughts and see that a circumstance is “bad,” it will trigger negative emotions like being overwhelmed and anxious.

However, we’re bound to find clarity when we look at circumstances positively and have positive thoughts that trigger positive feelings. It will aid in being in a zone where things do not seem so scary, and you’ll be able to take actions that will truly help you and your goals.

Don’t forget to tune in to episode 68 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, where Lucy Liu joins us to find clarity and joy despite our hectic lifestyles!

Topics on Joy and Clarity

  • Positive Mindsets 
  • Confidence 
  • Boundaries
  • Goals 

What Can We Do to Have Joy and Clarity while Being Busy Entrepreneurs

Finding joy and clarity is much more complex than changing your outlook. There are aspects like confidence, boundaries, and goals to help you stay on track with your business while taking care of yourself. 

Key Ideas on Boundaries and Goals 

For you to set effective boundaries, you need to figure out what triggers them. Do you feel overwhelmed because your phone keeps ringing non-stop? Or do you have anxiety because you can’t seem to finish your tasks? Are you not happy because you haven’t had the time to practice self-care? 

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself to find what triggers your negative emotions. From here you can start setting boundaries. Some examples of boundaries you can try to implement are shutting off your phone when you’re at home, or strictly following a schedule for your meetings. Additionally, you can try adding self-care into your routine or weekly tasks. 

Goal setting should not be scary, instead, it could be fun! When we set goals for ourselves, it’s important to ensure that they are attainable. It is also a great way to stay motivated to keep pushing ourselves. It’s a great way to design your life, live how you want to, and be able to take actionable steps to get there! One great way is to time-block your tasks.

Multitasking won’t get you anywhere, so allocating a designated amount of time will help you achieve your goals. Also, setting goals will help you prioritize. Prioritizing will help you be able to wrap your head around the tasks and goals you have and plan to achieve them! 

Let’s Clarify and Find Joy! 

Let’s find clarity and joy while we beat feeling overwhelmed, doubt, and anxious! Don’t forget to tune into episode 68 of the Total Fit Boss Chick to help you gain confidence and attain your goals one step at a time! 

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