Turning Frustrations into Freedoms with a Turn-Key Business

What is a Turn-Key Business?

Turn-key business? What if I told you that having a turn-key business can transform your worries into attaining your wants and wins and that you can transform your frustration into freedom?

In Episode 67 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, “Turning Frustration into Freedoms with a Turn-Key Business,” we’re joined by Pete Mohr from Simplifying Entrepreneurship Coaching. We’re discussing what steps we need to take for our businesses to a point where we can successfully manage multiple companies at once! Before we dive into the steps of how we can get there, let’s go over what a turn-key business is.

Now, imagine your business behind a door; when you turn the key and open it, do you see it humming and buzzing? Can you see people working or profits sky-rocketing?

A turn-key business is exactly that – where your frustrations turn into freedom, letting you enjoy living your life the way you’ve always wanted to. These are businesses that can be bought and only require you to turn the key to start operations! Doesn’t that sound promising?

Don’t miss out on Episode 67 of Total Fit Boss Chick, “Turning Frustration into Freedoms with a Turn-Key Business,” to learn more about how we can make life EASIER for you!

Topics on Freedom with Turn-Key Businesses

  • What is a Turn-Key Business
  • The 4P’s 
  • Where to Find Turn-Key Businesses 
  • Pete’s Productivity Secrets 

What are the 4Ps for a Successful Turn-Key Business?

The 4Ps you need for every turn-key business are the product, process, people, and profit. These are the aspects you need to consider to ensure you get freedom without frustration. Don’t forget to tune in to Episode 67 of the Total Fit Boss Chick to get all the deets! 

Key Takeaways on the 4Ps 


The first consideration is having a product that you know is perfect. The way to decide if the product or even service is perfect is if it solves a problem. Simply saying what this product or service solves is a key indicator that it will make money. 


Whether you’re working on the business solo or you have 100 employees, you need a process. Creating the right system will help you save stress, time, energy, and money. You need to constantly work on this and improve it, including a managerial standpoint of daily activities. 


Having the right people will make a world of difference, especially when it comes to your freedom. Having the right management does not only help with accountability, but it lessens the need to be at work daily filled with stress and frustration. 

It’s a good idea to consider having the ideal suppliers for your products. Having a supplier, you can trust, knowing that their quality meets your standard, and making deliveries on time is a game-changer. We should also consider who our ideal customers are.  


Before we end up with profits, the three Ps mentioned the need to all work together first; with all of these elements interplaying, profit will come, and you can enjoy your freedom! 

Let's Start Opening Doors!

I hope you’re motivated to start exploring the possible freedom and future that awaits behind the door! Don’t forget to listen to Episode 67 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, “Turning Frustration into Freedoms with a Turn-Key Business,” so you get all the details to help you get the freedom you deserve EASIER. 

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