EP 50 Little Known Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Build Your Brand

Little Known Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Build Your Brand

Why Should You Listen

Ever want to learn the tips, tricks, and hacks to build your brand? Sometimes it seems like there’s gotta be a shortcut or a hack to mundane tasks on our plate. It’s so much better to automate certain tasks, but which ones and when should you automate them?

Rock Hunt of Rock Your Business Unlimited discusses the processes, and strategy that automates a successful business. In episode 50 of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast Little Known Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Build Your Brand we go all in!

Topics We Discussed About Little Known Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Build Your Brand:

  • We solve a listeners problem with brand and clarity, with a small budget and little time
  • Building an easy effective sales funnel
  • Cutting edge marketing techniques
  • How to save time with AI
  • Rock’s productivity secrets
  • Mentoring moment

Listeners Corner:

Here’s what a listener Kayla wrote into the show Here’s a Hey Brentney, I’m Kayla stay-at-home mom of three and side hustler. I’m loving the podcast, and I have learned to be more productive because of it. However, I’ve recently shifted my business, and I feel a little lost and confused. I need help with branding and clarity.  How do I pivot without stopping?  The second question is how can I do all this with a small budget and very little time.  Between you and your guest, I’m sure you’ll have a solution for me…look forward to it! 

Rock answers Kayla like this, 

“First, you have to really sit down and examine what the end goal is. That is a big problem that many pivoting entrepreneurs have because they see the vision of the new direction.

They don’t know the actual steps to get there—so first step. The end goal and see what are the most, pretty much the easiest path to get there and the most attainable path. So whether that’s you starting at a lower scale and slowly building that way. So, as a brand, you start slowly introducing that brand to your audience, like showing them the new side of what you’re becoming.

For example, when I was stepping into the vending machine game. I was sprinkling that in my audience here and there. And so that’s something you can really do to prepare them for that pivot. And then, as you grow and give more content, you can start implementing more within your business; as far as the budget side of things, you really got to examine what you’re willing to give up to to get to that end goal as well.

So I know you’re, I know Kayla is. Pretty much crunched for time, but you’re really going to have to use those very small available increments to get a lot done. Whether that’s creating content, engaging for 15 minutes here and there,  really developing an automation strategy because at the beginning of a new business or you’re pivoting, you’re not going to do to automate your entire process,

so maybe instead, of course, you’re your lead management. At the beginning of doing social media. So you can work on the back end of your business, and you understand what I’m saying. So that’s why you have to really pick and choose where you automate at the beginning of going forward with a new business.”

How Do We Set Up Emails That Benefit Our Marketing?

Here Are The Steps:

  • Before sending your first email to evaluate your customers’ emotions and problems, after identifying these two essential parts of your audience, figure out a solution for these customers.
  • The first email sent to your customers should be a welcome email. You’re showing appreciation, and you’re giving them that freebie you offer.
  • The second email entails explaining to your audience what their possible problem is and the solution you provide.

The example Rock provided:

“If your audience is struggling with weight loss and you have a fitness coach funnel, you give them maybe a checklist of seven ways to eat healthier.” This assures your customers that there is a solution to their problem!

Tune in for more Little Known Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Build Your Brand!

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