How To Use Your Hormones to Boost Your Productivity

Why Boost Your Productivity with Hormones?

If you’re all about productivity like me, knowing about feminine and masculine productivity will blow you away! We’re going to explore our feminine energy and flow – and it even involves the moon. Yes, the moon! Tashe’ Allen, a feminine productivity coach and host of the “Secrets of High-value Women” podcast, will be joining us today! 

She helps women who are overwhelmed with their workload by using their menstrual cycle as the ultimate productivity tool. The first thing we’re going to discuss is the difference between masculine and feminine productivity. Men are more likely to have masculine productivity. This involves daily time blocking, where they can do everything on the same day and same time. Now, the reason why men can repeatedly work like that is because their hormones reset every 24 hours. 

While women are in sync with cycles, menstrual cycles, and even the moon! Since our hormones are dependent on our cycles, it affects our energy levels and the types of tasks we should or want to accomplish. We’re exploring our feminine flow and how to harness and maximize our energy to be a step closer to our goals.

Tune in to Episode 43 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, “How To Use Your Hormones to Boost Your Productivity,” now! And guys don’t feel left out. There’s plenty to learn here that can help you deal with your female counterparts, your partners, and your loved ones.

Productivity and Hormones Topics:

  • Masculine and Feminine Productivity 
  • Menstruation Cycle as a Productivity Tool 
  • Alternative to Menstruation Cycles 
  • How and What is Cyclical Living 
  • Productivity Secrets and Mentoring Moments 

How To Use Cycles as a Productivity Tool?

Before anything else, everyone is different. Some aspects might apply a little differently to you, and that’s perfectly fine. Using the phases of your menstruation or the moon is a way for you to practice cyclical living. This involves you charting, not just period tracking like in the apps. 

It’s you keeping track of your self-care, bowel movements, water intake, period flow – things like that. It’s entirely up to you how and what you want to keep track of, but it’s important to consider charting your energy levels.

It’ll help you figure out the best date and time to assign which tasks work best for you and your flow. 

Key Takeaways for Productivity Scheduling with 4 Cycle Phases

Consider your cycle into four phases. Don’t worry; if you don’t experience regular menstruation cycles, you can use the moon! 

Phase 1: Follicular/New Moon 

  • Estrogen starts to rise, which is great for networking and social activities. It’s a good time to do a lot of planning in your business. 

Phase 2: Ovulation/Full Moon

  • Estrogen levels are high, and you’re feeling yourself! During this period, we’re social butterflies and confident. It’s a good time to do a lot of speaking, like doing Facebook or Instagram Lives.

Phase 3: Luteal/Quarter Moon 

  • We experience PMS, our energy levels can be low, and we can be moody. It’s a good time to do organizing and nesting work – like looking at those spreadsheets. 

Phase 4: Menstruation/Waxing Moon 

  • Your period can come soon, so your energy levels are low. It’s okay to lessen your workload and take a break!

Dive into Your Feminine Flow

Are you ready to explore and find out how you can use your hormones as a productivity tool?  Listen to “How To Use Your Hormones to Boost Your Productivity,” Episode 43 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast. 

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