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How to Make Money on Instagram with Less Than 300 Followers

Make Money Online in 90 Days Only Using Instagram

Yep, you heard it right you can make money on Instagram with less than 300 followers. It’s no surprise, so many of us get caught up in the vanity metrics thinking that we have to have thousands upon thousands of followers to start cashing in on the Instagram craze. My guest Tameka Brazile, the admin turned CEO, proved that’s not true. She started earning four figures a month within 90 days of launching her Instagram account with less than 300 followers.

Tameka says that one of the greatest misconceptions is that your friends and family have to support you right off the bat. She had zero followers in December when she launched and worked her way to a few hundred by February when she landed her first client. Shortly after, more clients came, and so did more followers. Does this sound exciting or what?

Topics We Explored:

* How to earn four figures a month within 90 days of launching using Instagram ONLY
* What it takes to create a winning engagement strategy
* How to use your working skills to create a passive side income
* Pricing according to your value
* The techniques to get started without a website

How Did She Get Started?

Here’s how it all began; Tameka says one afternoon she sat down with her laptop and got really clear on her business structure. She wrote out things like, what is it that I offer? How much am I going to charge? Then, she developed the story behind it. She suggests asking yourself questions like:

* How can I create more connectivity around my offer or my product?
* What is my product or service for (how is it used)?
* Who does it or serve?
* What will people get out of using my product or service?
* What made you want to create this product or service?
* Why are you so attached to this idea?
* Why do you think it’s a great idea?

Of course, so many of us struggle with perfectionism, and we feel like we have to have everything just perfect before we get started; however, this episode will tell you something different. Getting started and working through things helps you niche down and become clearer on what you’re offering.

Believe it or not, your Instagram bio and page should act as a website for your personal brand, even if you don’t have one. Tamika says that even though she made money quickly in her business, she still made lots of costly Mistakes by over-analyzing herself and what she calls getting lost in the sauce. She found herself struggling with being too self-analytical and the Imposter syndrome. In this episode, you will hear the best ways to stay in your zone of Genius so you will avoid over criticizing yourself.

Despite what you might have heard, people buy from you because it comes from you.

Seth Godin once said, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

What Are Her Productivity Secrets?

If you’re like me and you’re wondering her productivity secrets, Tameka spills it all here. Contrary to popular belief, you really can run a successful side hustle. Fortunately, automation tools make it easier for solopreneurs like Tameka to run their business while working full-time.

Here are some of the tools she uses for productivity and automation, and you can to:

– Automate your post by scheduling; she uses Creator Studio; another suggestion is Tailwind.
– CRM software like Dubsado or Wave Apps makes it easier to invoice and keep up with customers.
– You can also use design software like Canva, email automation like ConvertKit or Flodesk.

And if you need a little help from time to time, you can always reach out to someone on Fiverr.
When and if you are ready for a website BlueHost is a great option.

If this sounds interesting, listen in for all the tips, including how Tameka shifted her business from active to passive income.

Are you ready to make money on Instagram, no matter how many followers you have?

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