How To Use Intuition In Business
Total Fit Boss Chick
Total Fit Boss Chick
How To Use Intuition In Business

A little hint on Heather’s productivity secrets; it all boils down to her finding what suits her personality. Check this out for yourself and try the Productive Personality Quiz now! Continue to listen to the Total Fit Boss Chick to streamline your way to success.

Topics on How to Use Intuition in Business: 

  • What’s intuition, is it even real?
  • Importance of intuition
  • Five steps to a 60-second promo pitch
  • Difference between traditional and intuitive coaching
  • How to differentiate ego and intuition
  • Heather’s productivity secrets

How Do We Listen to Our Intuition? 

Our intuition is like an internal monologue we have with ourselves. With that, it can be confusing to figure out if we’re actually listening to our ego or intuition, especially when we’re faced with an obstacle. 

Key Takeaways to Differentiate Ego and Intuition 

The rule of thumb to differentiate the two is that our intuition is solution-focused. On the other hand, our ego is problem-focused. Since we’ve broken down the vitals of intuition throughout the episode, let’s highlight our ego. 

Characteristics of our ego: 

  • Fear-based and closed-off
  • It’s critical of yourself and the people around you
  • Makes you doubtful and anxious
  • It puts you down for your mistakes

Let’s Listen to Our Intuition! 

Sometimes the best way to make a decision is just listening to our intuition! Use Heather’s productivity secret so don’t forget to take the Productive Personality Quiz

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