Achieve One Year of Goals in 6 Weeks: Intuitive Goal Setting So what is intuitive goal setting?

Achieve One Year of Goals in 6 Weeks: Intuitive Goal Setting

What is Intuitive Goal Setting?

So what is intuitive goal setting? When we use our intuition to create goals, it comes from our gut, generating a powerful and freeing feeling.

It’s easier to create your vision when you set goals based on what feels true for yourself, not because of external factors or other people’s wants or expectations. Creating an image with the power of intuition makes us feel joyous and aligned in our values- which means we’ll be more likely to achieve these desires!

Many of us have already flopped our goals. What can we do? If you need help with your business, this is for you!

So how do you leverage your business in a way that does not burn you out? Is that possible?

We all have a list of passions in life along with goals.  Nine times out of 10, it’s a money goal.

When we choose to shift our negative beliefs about money, it allows us to collapse those goals’ timeframe because we no longer are attached to the functional, practical, predictability approach.

Shifting our negative beliefs about money allows us the freedom and flexibility in approaching life with a clear mind.

We can let go of old behaviors that no longer serve us because many of them are based on invalidating experiences from childhood- after choosing what’s best for ourselves instead of accepting everything, we’ll find new hope!

This gives people peace of mind since they don’t need external validation other than themselves, which means if something feels wrong, they’ll stop pushing forward into spaces where their happiness won’t serve them.

And it makes sense to us to feel the value, feel who we are, what we bring to the table, how we operate with money because men are wired very differently. 
You are completely capable and powerful to take the leap of faith and begin the process. Listen to your intuition first and then intellect. 

So, don’t miss any of the details on the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, “Achieve One Year of Goals in 6 Weeks: Intuitive Goal Setting.”

Intuitive Goal Setting Topics

  • How To Cultivate Confidence
  • How to Collapse the Time Frame
  • Apply New Self-kindness Habits
  • Understand the Difference Between the Masculine and Feminine Traits
  • Develop Money Habits
  • Apply your Genius Zone Talents

Is Intuitive Goal Setting For You?

As Marla highlights, to live an authentic, THRIVING creative life and business, we must honor our spirit by what brings us the most joy and what nourishes us at the core.

It’s time to stop enduring life; instead, live it with passion. 

When you listen to your intuition and follow the promptings of inspiration, it can take surprising turns that lead toward new insights. The idea is not only for business success but also in life’s most important moments.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick to learn to explore how your next success could happen in achieving your goals.

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