LinkedIn Basics For Entrepreneurs

Why Should You Listen

If you haven’t seen or heard, LinkedIn is experiencing a record amount of engagement. It’s no surprise that tons of people are interested in new career opportunities. Professionals and entrepreneurs turn to LinkedIn to learn new skills, make connections, and adapt to a new way of working. As a result, the latest numbers say that about 700 million professionals are connecting on LinkedIn.  With that said, there’s some awesome possibilities for us all!

Listen as I chat with Adora Drake a Digital Marketing Consultant who helps B2B Businesses attract more clients, build brands online, and generate more revenue.

Topics We Explored:

  • How to show up on LinkedIn personally and professionally
  • How to craft a powerful LinkedIn profile as an entrepreneur
  • What strategy can we use to grow and gain authority
  • What mistakes entrepreneurs are making on LinkedIn

What's the LinkedIn Basics For Entrepreneurs?

When it comes to our business, we need need to establish trust. Trust is always important, right?

Remember the Know, Like, and TRUST factor?

Business Insider has repeatedly ranked LinkedIn as The most trusted network that protects their privacy and data, followed by Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. 

With that being said, we may want to show up on the most trusted platform. 

Get this, 15% of all job applications in the U.S. went to remote jobs in November 2020. More decision-makers, influencers, and entrepreneurs are working from home. Therefore, our online connections have become more critical than ever for business this year.

LinkedIn received 30 billion sessions from its members, and that number isn’t doing anything but growing!

After you listen to the podcast tell me, what do you think about LinkedIn.


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