How do you actually create captivating copy that truly connects?
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Easy Ways To Write Non-boring Copy

Why Do We Need to Focus on Copy?

Everyone writes copy! It doesn’t matter what you do; as long as your business is online – you’re writing copy.

But – how do you actually create captivating copy that truly connects? In episode 51 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, we’re diving into “Easy Ways to Write Non-Boring Copy” with Tracie Kendziora.

She’s the owner and chief content creator of Okay, Okapi, where she helps online business owners, coaches, and creatives a way to streamline their creativity. In today’s podcast, we’re going to explore how to create copy that isn’t boring, grow our audiences even when we’re super busy, and convert customers!

Most of us tend to take a large chunk of our week just constantly creating content as content creators. A big tip that we can all use is to start bulk content creations. So, how does that work?

Let’s say you want to post a blog up, but posting a blog up means you have to do a lot of sub-tasks like writing and social media posts. With bulk content, your goal is to focus on one sub-tasks repeatedly until you have a big chunk of content all done!

Another great tip you can do is repurpose or even reupload content! Let’s be honest; it’s not like someone will call you out for posting the same information from November 2020, right?

So when you find yourself in a creative rut or simply don’t have the time – go for it. It’s also a great way to introduce your older content to your newer audiences.

Tune in to episode 51, “Easy Ways to Write Non-Boring Copy,” to get more tips and figure out how to really write content that can connect and convert customers!

Topics on Non-Boring Copy:

  • Efficiently create content 
  • Repurposing content 
  • Planning and pillar content
  • Tips on writing copy 
  • Mentoring moments

Write Copy that Connects

Sometimes we can stare at our screens yet have no idea where to start, but writing copy shouldn’t be that hard or tedious! Here are a few tips to consider and look out for: 

Non-Boring Copy Key Points : 

  • Keep Focus
    • You can write a lengthy blog but remember to keep it focused! Like having SEO words into your blog, remember not to stray too far from your main point. 
    • A great way to help you is to plan ahead and have an outline. If you don’t have the time, write down your main point at the top of your page to constantly remind you what each sub-topic should relate to. 
  • Use Templates
    • There are loads of templates out there. If you’re having trouble finding one, you can ask a copywriting coach if they offer templates. 
    • Don’t copy it, though! A template is just that – you need to customize it to fit your content, who you are, and your audience. Use it as a guide instead of using it exactly how you got it. 
  • Write How You Talk 
    • I’m sure you know a lot of business jargon or even jargon related to your niche – but you have to remember that not everyone in your audience does. The best way to connect to your audience is to communicate as if you’re casually talking to them! It’s easier to relate to and understand what you’re trying to say. 
    • It’s a great way to personalize your content. Your audience stays because of who you are, so stay true to your brand and write in a voice that is similar to how you converse daily. 

Let’s Get to Writing Copy!

Listen to “Easy Ways to Write Non-Boring Copy”, episode 51 only at Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of content creation and how to maximize our conversion with copywriting. 

If you still find yourself procrastinating getting things done, try the Productivity Personality Quiz! It will help find what productivity methods truly work for your personality! 


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