Non-Sleazy Sales Strategies for Entrepreneurs

What are Non-Sleazy Sales Strategies?

Sometimes, Selling can be difficult, you know, something we don’t want to talk about because we feel sleazy or desperate. You’re in the right place if you want to learn non-sleazy sales strategies for entrepreneurs.

Today, we will go on a transformative journey with Annie P Ruggles, the idea doula and founder of Non-Sleazy Sales Academy. We dive into the past experiences we may have experienced that make sales such a taboo topic to talk about, and how there are many ways we can close a sale without feeling sleazy.

Non-sleazy sales really boil down to truly caring about the person on the other end. It’s finding the right fit between who they are and their problem with what you can offer to help. We understand how daunting it can be to tell customers about the price, but don’t worry!

We talk about what steps to take, tricks, and tips on how you can approach a sale without making it awkward or annoying! We also discuss common mistakes digital entrepreneurs make especially on their sales page and what steps you can do to fix them.

Everything sales, the bad, the good, and the transformation all in one place! Listen to Episode 38 of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast, Non-Sleazy Sales.

Non-Sleazy Sales Strategies Topics We Discussed

  • Difference between sleazy and not so sleazy sales. 
  • What to include on your About page versus Sales Page
  • Mistakes we make as (digital) entrepreneurs that don’t end up leading to sales. 
  • Maintaining relationships over cold calling. 
  • What you should include and leave out on your Sales Page. 
  • How to make follow-ups without being annoying.  

How Can I Make the Most Out of My Sales Page?

Our sales page is the most important aspect of our digital platform. It is the last push for our customer to truly commit to our offer, hence it’s important that there are no distractions! 

Key Takeaways for Your Sales Page

  • Minimize any pop-up distractions that do not contribute to closing your sale
  • Your Sales Page is not your About You Page, it’s for your customer
  • Don’t give any emergency exits
  • Say “yes” to your buy buttons
  • Short Testimonials and FAQ gives the affirmation customers need


Ready to take on sales? Listen to our podcast on Non-Sleazy Sales! Tell me your thoughts and newfound confidence. 

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