I’m sure you’ve wanted to be organized or stay organized but it seems like the biggest roadblock to get over! Well, in Episode 57 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, we’re joined by Jamie Lesh who is going to help us get our life and business organized!

Organize Your Life and Business the Easy Way

Why Should You Organize Your Life and Business

Organize your life and business!  We’re battling with perfection! I know it sounds confusing because most of us strive for perfection when it comes to our goals, but do you wanna know a secret? Perfection is exactly what’s stopping us from just going for it! In this podcast episode, we’re talking about organization!

As working moms and entrepreneurs I’m sure you’ve wanted to be organized or stay organized but it seems like the biggest roadblock to getting over it! Well, in Episode 57 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, we’re joined by Jaime Lesh who is going to help us get our life and business organized! She believes everyone can be organized, including YOU!

Before anything else, let’s talk about what’s holding us back. We need to let go of perfectionism. Having the mentality that everything needs to be perfect and stay perfect is not feasible – we’re humans just trying to live our life, things are bound to be chaotic. But the thing we need to remember is that it’s all how we look at it, our mindsets! If you’re willing to grow, learn and let go of things – then you’re already one step closer to making that change!

Now, I know the biggest question right now is, “where do you even start when everything is already a mess?” The easiest way to get started is to look at the big picture and then break it down into small chunks that you can handle. Oftentimes we have these goals that seem too far away to reach, so we end up giving up before even trying. This is exactly what happens when we have a lot of chaos and clutter surrounding us, organization seems like something that can’t be attained – but it can be!

Take small snippets of your time and organize little parts of your life. You can start with a drawer or fixing up your planner. The key component is having a system, maybe using Google calendar or sticky notes, and most importantly, sticking with it. Listen to Episode 57 of the Total Fit Boss Chick now to learn all about organization and how you can streamline your business and life!

Topics We Explored to Organize Your Life and Business ​

  • Why does organization matter?
  • What’s holding us back? 
  • Where do we even start? 
  • Finding the time to get organized 
  • What’s holding us back 
  • Clutter and how to handle it 
  • Building good habits 
  • Automation 
  • Productivity secrets with Jamie 

Clutter, Habits and Systems!

There’s always clutter somewhere. From paper clutter to digital clutter, let’s break down the key takeaways to getting organized. 

Key Takeaways to Organization 

Systems and Habits! 

The best way to reduce clutter is to always work towards it slowly. Only with consistency, you’ll be able to see the difference. You can grab yourself a Habit Builder right now while it’s on promo! Having a system and making it a habit will help you actually get things organized with one small chunk at a time and not feel overwhelmed. In no time, it will become second nature! 

Set a Reminder 

It can be easy to forget to do things, especially with a busy schedule! I highly recommend setting an alarm or reminder for you to take some time and get organized. What most people think is that it’s going to eat up their time, but that’s not the case. Being organized will help you lessen the time you take to look for things, and won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed! 

Designate Areas and Folders 

Paper clutter is something we all have. For example, there’s probably documents and files on the desk, in the room, by the dining table. It’s everywhere! I suggest having a dropzone, where all these papers will be put and have them organized in folders. You can build a similar system when handling emails and digital clutter! 

Let’s Get Decluttering! 

I hope you are all geared up in beating perfection and getting to organizing. Make it easier for you by getting a Habit Builder now to jumpstart your organization journey. Keep tuning into Episode 57 of the Total Fit Boss Chick to get all the details of organizing your life and business! 

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