Create an Online Business with Passive Income as a Realtor

Wondering About Passive Income as a Realtor?

This podcast is a deep dive into creating a passive income as a realtor. Denise (AKA Big Red) Petti spills the tea about creating her co-career AKA side hustle and how she mentors some passionate people to get started as well. To be honest, I had no idea you could make passive income as a realtor.

Let me tell you, Denise breaks so many myths around starting a side hustle, putting yourself out there to grow, and unique opportunities as a realtor. With around 20+ years of experience in the area of brand marketing, she combines the power of marketing for her realtor business.

Denise combines both her expertise to create a change that helps and impacts people in a positive way.

Want to know how?

Listen to this episode! I’m sure that you will return with the ideas and tips about making a career as a realtor. She made this discussion power-packed with her simple yet powerful words.

Business with Passive Income as a Realtor Topics We Explored:

  • Mindset issues to sort out before you start in any kind of side hustle or a co-career.
  • How her real estate business works.
  • Supporting each other in the process of growth.
  • Why Denise calls her side hustle as co-career and how she makes them mutually beneficial.
  • Advantages of creating a realtor business.
  • The joy of helping people by being a realtor.
  • Tips to create best-performing content.

Here's How to Earn Passive Income as a Realtor

How you can get started if this path excites you?

  1. To have the guts to get started.
  2. Price point and seller’s details analysis.
  3. Getting financing order.
  4. Maintenance of the property.

Other than the technical details of the realtor business, Denise shares about her productivity hack to maintain a balance between career, family, and work.

My favorite line from the podcast -When I think about my reason for being here is “To get out from where you’re so that you can get to where you’re going”.

Where Can I Learn More About Earning Passive Income as Realtor?

Let me know if you are inspired to take action to build an online business with passive income as a realtor!

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