The power of perspective is everything

The Power of Perspective

Why You Should Listen?

The power of perspective is everything. It can totally change your life. The beauty of it all is that we have a choice. We can choose to change our perspective.

“Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.” ― Irving Berlin


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Perspective is Everything

Sometimes, when we read an email or when we are doing different things in life, somebody says something to us that’s hurtful. We need to stop and think about the perspective. Where are they coming from? How do they see things? Am I missing something?

When you’re able to see straight lines as a 3d shapes or when you’re able to see a glass of water and not have to measure how much is in it to know that there’s still opportunity. It doesn’t have to be half empty or half full, but the very fact that there is a droplet that’s left.

There’s enough to work with; the way we perceive things is how we receive things.

A gentleman who suffered from complications of COVID lost every finger and every toe, and his entire limbs. His arms were missing, and so are his legs, but he was so grateful to be alive.

His perspective on life is priceless. This man lived alone. So he had no support or anything else. He didn’t know how he was going to live his life. But the only thing that he focused on was the fact that he still had life.

It’s not about what you want. It’s what you have when you start loving and appreciating what you do have in living in the moment of what you do have. It’s what changes everything in life.

See, some of us see the word impossible.

And that’s all we see is impossible. But at the same time, others of us see I’m possible.

It just depends on your perspective. If you perceive it to be impossible. It will be impossible, yet if you see that same word as being, I’m possible that’s what it’ll be to you.  

When you truly value yourself, you give yourself the best. When you perceive that you deserve the best, you give yourself the best.

Not only do you give yourself the best, you give out the best. You filter out the negative things; you filter out the people in the negative thoughts that compromise that value. 

Alter your perspective until you receive what you believe.  

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.” ― Stephen R. Covey

What are your thoughts about perspective?

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