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No More Chaos: Productivity the Lazy Way

Lazy and Productive?

Have you ever been called lazy? I know I have but it’s not always a bad thing! What if I told you you could be productive and lazy? Let’s dive into ways we can calm the chaos and slay productivity the lazy way. AND you can grab a FREEBIE in this episode!

In episode 58 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, we’re going to dive into productivity but the lazy way! I planned on doing another podcast like this due to receiving such a positive response to Episode 45 “11 ways to Boost Productivity and Increase Happiness” and if you’re not much of a podcast type of person, here’s a blog I highly encourage you to read too, “11 Best Productivity Methods For Busy Entrepreneurs”!

Now, as I have said, I know I’ve been called lazy before, and honestly being called lazy gets a bad rep. But, I did some digging, and do you know what I learned? Lazy people are much more efficient and effective in getting things done! With that being said, our end goal in this community is making productivity and getting things done EASIER. To get started on making your journey easier, snag your FREEBIE! Taking it One Day at a Time! Check out to watch videos on how to use it and get the most out of the template!

The next thing I want to highlight, especially in your productivity journey is that we all have our own methods that best work for us. What works for me or the other person might not work for you. So what now? I highly ENCOURAGE you to try out the Personality Productivity Quiz

Topics on Lazy Yet Productive:

Productivity the Lazy Way

Let’s break down some aspects we’re discussing in this podcast! But make sure to listen to the full episode so you can get all the details and do not miss out on any of the topics! 

Key Takeaways in Productivity 

Don’t Press Snooze

  • Pressing snooze can get you off from starting the day and building productive momentum

Small sprints of Organization

  • Organizing your whole life can be overwhelming, so I highly suggest doing it in small chunks. Set 15 minutes every day or once a week and focus on one aspect of your life, it could be your desk, bag, or even closet that you slowly organize.
  • If you want to know more about organization check out Episode 57 “Organize Your Life and Business the Easy Way” 


There are two methods I want you to try out! 


  • This is such an underrated method but it does wonders and is instrumental for many of us!
  • Get things sorted from your aspirations, manifestation, and goal with journaling!
  • Check out “9 Best Journaling Techniques

Want to know more?

If you’re curious about meal planning and want to know more about organization, you should check out my Productivity Cheat Sheets


Freebie: One Day at a Time Template 

Free Productivity Quiz: Personality Productivity Quiz ( 

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Blogs You NEED to Read

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9 Best Journaling Techniques

Taking the Next Step? 

Productivity Cheat Sheets

Let’s Get Slaying! 

Tune in to Episode 58 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, “No More Chaos: Productivity the Lazy Way”! 

I would love to know your thoughts about this week’s episode so please don’t shy away from contacting me! 

Instagram: @totalfitbosschick



Want more high-performance entrepreneurship, mindset, and productivity strategies? Connect with me!  

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I love bringing you value. Unfortunately, value alone doesn’t work at the bank. Therefore, I may receive a small amount of compensation at no cost to you when you purchase through an affiliate link, which I’ll totally blow on art supplies! 

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