How To Use Publicity For Your Business On a Budget?

Publicity For Your Business On a Budget

How To Use Publicity For Your Business On a Budget?

With any business, small or large, you want and need all the attention you can get. And it doesn’t have to be heavy on the pockets – all you need is a good media strategy!

We’re going to find ways we can get attention without coming across as opportunistic.

Today we are joined with Alessandra Seca, founder of Seca and Co., a full-service public relations (PR) and event planning firm that helps small to medium-sized businesses make noise, get noticed, and get that breakthrough!

One of the most important things you should have as a brand to get heard is your pitch! A tip is to take 1-2 days a month to write all your pitches and build your media lists.

If you’re not sure where to start, go back to what your brand stands for, your story, and ultimately, the purpose it brings. You can use this and present it in an angle that people WANT to hear, which is why your pitch has to be newsworthy!

Get conversing and update on news and latest conversations going on in the world or even just your community.

We’re laying down answers about PR and marketing that you’re probably wondering about. So, listen in to Episode 46 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, where we’re exploring “Publicity For Your Business On a Budget”.

Publicity For Your Business Topics Explored:

  • When should you consider outsourcing your publicity and marketing? 
  • How and what makes a pitch good? 
  • Is it better to invest in marketing or PR? 
  • Is it worth working with an influencer? 
  • How to implement a seamless CRS campaign? 
  • Productivity Secrets and Mentoring Moments

CRS Campaign for Business Publicity?

Before we fabricate a seamless CRS campaign, what is CRS? CRS stands for corporate social responsibility and you most likely have already seen it! Most larger companies tend to have CRS campaigns. It is when this business partners up with a movement, charity, or topic to push for their brand and that particular movement’s purpose. 

Key Takeaways For Your CRS Campaign 

  • Authenticity will get you everywhere!
    •  Pretending to be someone you’re not or something your brand is not, will not get you very far! 
  • Keep it simple and practical! 
    • Find a movement or charity that weaves well into your brand’s core values. 
  • Take action!
    •  Don’t leach onto some charity or movement you haven’t preached about in the past. It can get very ugly, very fast. 
  • Do your research! 
    • Look into the charity and movement you’re planning to partner up with or donate to! It’s important that they’re aligned with you and your brand. 

Publicity For Your Business on a Budget Breakthrough

 Marketing and PR is an investment, but it doesn’t have to be painful on the wallet! Tune in to  Episode 46, “Publicity For Your Business on a Budget” on the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast NOW! 

Do you have any tips for publicity for business on a budget?  If so, please share your thoughts!

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