Recover From Failure and Rebrand

Do You Need to Recover From Failure and Rebrand?

Have you ever felt like you failed at your first, second, or maybe even 100th attempt at business? You don’t have to give up; you can recover from failure and rebrand!

Dr. Eve Hudson talks about failures, recovering from failures, and rebranding your business after a failure. We discuss crucial things like rejections, not giving up, and moving on with a better vision in life.

Honestly, these moments literally make or break us. It’s only up to you on how you accept and proceed further.

Dr. Eve chats with us about powerful things that failures can bring to us, evaluating the decisions after dull moments and the story behind her business’s successful rebranding.

Familiar topics, yet she made this whole conversation empowering!

Listen to this episode if you’re business if you feel stuck, or even to get a different perspective about failures and not giving up. Evangelina, AKA Eve Hudson, is an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and the host of the First-Gen Lounge Podcast.

Topics we explored about recovering from Failure and Rebranding:

  • Her definitions and uplifting thoughts about failures
  • How to deal with stress and the overwhelming
  • Cultivating the right mindset and being intentional
  • Solving the problems with a Brain dump technique
  • The important things to ask yourself while rebranding or even branding your business.
  • How she handles life and her business in a balanced manner

How to Recover From Failure and Rebrand?​

More than all these topics, Dr.Eve also shared her little yet life-changing nuggets about what everyone goes through. And I think everyone has to have an intention about going on with the rejections and struggles.

Life happens to everyone. What matters more is how to react to the situation and create a life you want to live.

These are some of her most thought-provoking quotes!

“It’s good to fail because life isn’t perfect, and failure will teach us a lot.”

“I think everything starts in the mind. Our mindset about is everything!”

“We know what thoughts and feelings to prioritize, but none are more important than our own”.

How can you move on from a failure?

  1. First, take a moment to take a step back. To look back and to think about how you can do things differently this time.
  2. Do a brain dump session (Try Dr. Eve’s way of doing it!!)
  3. Omit all the unwanted things off your mind.
  4. Focus on the things you should act upon.

 What did you think about this discussion about how to recover from failure and rebrand?

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