How to Scale Beyond Limiting Beliefs

How to Scale Beyond Limiting Beliefs

Why Scale Beyond Limiting Beliefs Matters

We all have limiting beliefs about something at some point in our life. For the entrepreneur, productivity is not just about getting things done faster but also about keeping the right mindset when working. It is a key aspect to success because you can’t outperform your mindset!

In Episode 61 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, we’re joined by Andrea Freeman. She is a mindful business coach, peak performance planner, and host of the Up Leveled Entrepreneurial Podcast. She has also worked with celebrities and high-income earning clients! Today we’re going to get into limiting beliefs, readying our business model, and scaling quickly to create greater financial freedom!

Our mindset can make or break us! So, it’s important to be in the right headspace – especially when we want to scale our businesses to earn six figures. Now, everyone wants something different, and we all define success differently. This is why it is important to set our key performance indicators for ourselves and find our “why.” As we advance, consistency without continuing to fall back will help us reach the finish line.

Don’t forget to tune in to Episode 61 of the Total Fit Boss Chick as we tackle mindsets as a foundation to our success!

Topics Discussed on Mindsets of Limiting Beliefs

  • Changing the Mindset
  • Getting Vulnerable with Andrea
  • How To Bound Back
  • H.O.S.T.
  • Scale Your Business Quickly
  • Mentoring Moments and Productive Secrets

Bounce Back From Limiting Beliefs Even Better!

It’s inevitable for us to have our low days. Especially when we don’t hit our targets, get the clients we want, or when it just seems like we’re not getting any closer to our goals. That’s totally normal, but we’re going over how to HOST your way to success! 

Key Points of H.O.S.T. 

  1. Honor – hosting your business comes with honoring your “why.” It’s important for us to find out why and to honor this because we need to infuse this in every aspect of our business. This will become our North Star and will guide us throughout our growth journey.
  2. Owning –  Owning who you are at a certain point in time and your capabilities. It’s easy to get swept up in self-doubt and criticism where we end up second-guessing ourselves. So, it’s important to stand your own authority and claim what you have, what you will have, and who you are!
  3. Shifting – Shifting perspective is when we realize that there are some self-imposed limiting beliefs. It’s vital for us to change our perspective and know that we can go beyond the threshold that we put ourselves into.
  4. Take Inspired Actions – Things won’t change overnight. For us to get to our goals, we need to go through a very cyclical process before we really start to see any changes. So, don’t get burned out by taking inspired actions!

Need Help Evolving From Limited Beliefs?

Listen to Episode 61 of the Total Fit Boss Chick so you can get all the details you need to change your mindset to success! 

ALSO, if you want to figure out what productivity method that best works for you? Check out the  Personality Productivity Quiz

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