Simplicity for Busy Entrepreneurs

Simplicity for Busy Entrepreneurs

Why Should You Listen

Have you ever wanted simplicity in your life? When you’re running a business, simplicity can be one of the most challenging mountains to climb. Simplicity for busy entrepreneurs is what we’re discussing in this episode of the Total Fit Boss Chick podcast.   


Topics We Explored:

Amanda Warfield, a simplicity focused time management and business strategist as well as a host of Chasing Simple podcast, joined me to discuss:

  • Three practical tips for content creation, including task batching
  • Managing social media
  • How entrepreneurs can avoid time suckers
  • Amanda‘s simplistic morning and evening routines
  • Simplifying your closet  to a capsule wardrobe

As a Busy Entrepreneur Could You Use More Simplicity?

Here’s something we can all agree on.

You guessed it!

Simplicity should be simple.

Here’s why that phrase is so important.  

We quite often say we want to make things simple, but we end up overthinking. 

Overthinking is a very easy thing to do! You can literally overthink your breakfast! Frosted Flakes, Cheerios…or a smoothie, or maybe Waffles???🥞 🤔If we overthink small things like that then we most definitely overthink the big things. 💭

There is a fine line between being well prepared and overthinking. Of course, you’ll want to do certain things like plan ahead or make sure somethings are correct, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

As soon as we start overthinking and overwhelming ourselves, we start to make things more complicated than they have to be.

Let go of the past

  • Stay present
  • Plan your task around your energy
  • Block your time
  • Task batch your recurring task
  • Use tools like Trello, Click up, or Asana to create a smart system

Simplicity seems so easy, but there’s a catch you have to allow it to work.  Let me guess, you are worried about it being perfect?  The goal is not to be perfect it’s consistency!

The trick is to create a routine and do it long enough to see what tasks are reoccurring that you can batch together to be more productive.

Amanda and I discussed one of the greatest time suckers for entrepreneurs is creating content.  She talks about how she was overwhelmed with the process of content creation.

Finally, she realized she was spinning her wheels, and she found a way to simplify.  As a matter of fact, she simplified everything, including her closet. Are you happy with the time that you spend creating content?

Is your closet full of items you can no longer wear, or you just don’t wear anymore?  

To sum everything up, when we step back in, stop overcomplicating things. We can find ways to make our lives and our business more straightforward.

Simplifying your life sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

So, what do you think; could you use more simplicity as an entrepreneur?

A Little More About Our Guest:

Amanda is a simplicity-focused time management & business strategist, and host of Chasing Simple – a podcast to help creative entrepreneurs uncomplicate their life and biz.
Her mission is to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs take back their time and energy, so that they can stop trying to fit it all in, stop feeling guilty for spending time not being “productive” and stop feeling worn out and defeated at the end of each day.
Most days you can find her curled ho with a good book and a giant mug of coffee, daydreaming about Disney, or snuggling with her cats and husband.




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