Struggling to Pay the Bills to a $500,000 monthly income within 18 Months! Scaling a business to seven figures from barely anything and while pregnant in just 18 months, is POSSIBLE!

Struggling to Pay the Bills to a $500,000 Monthly Income within 18 Months

It's Possible to Go from Struggling to Success in 18 Months

Struggling to Pay the Bills to a $500,000 monthly income within 18 Months! Scaling a business to seven figures from barely anything and while pregnant in just 18 months is POSSIBLE!

Life can be chaotic, but it might just be the opportunity you need to claim to get where you always wanted to be.

In Episode 60 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast, we’re joined by Iva Paleckova, a mompreneur who took her own coaching business from barely making $3,000 a month and struggling to pay bills to earn half a million dollars a month! And guess what, she was able to do it in 18 months while pregnant and cultivated a life as a single mom with a newborn! We’re going to jump right into her journey and how she was able to boss up her game, build multiple seven-figure practices, use virtual retreats as a growth strategy, and, most importantly – how YOU can do the same!

Iva is also a coach for entrepreneurs, and she shares with us that serving her clients is what got her far – but it’s not through one-on-ones! Now, I know that may sound contradictory; how can you serve your clients and not be there for them one-on-one? Well, when you want to scale a project or even your business, you can’t always be there with them. For your clients to grow and for YOU to grow, codependency and handholding will only get you so far.

Tune in to Episode 60 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast to get all the details of what you can do to evolve while still maintaining and helping your clients! It’s important to keep time for yourself so let’s talk about how we can do that and build a business in today’s episode!

From Struggling to Scaling for Success:

  • Iva’s Story
  • Scaling the Program
  • Glamour and Problems
  • Confidence
  • What will get you Success

Here's How Iva Went From Struggling to Success

In Episode 60 of the Total Fit Boss Chick, Iva tells us about both the glamour and the problems that come with success. It’s very easy to lose yourself in them – so let’s dive into this discussion a little further! 

Key Points to Success

Getting sucked up by the glamour of success can happen, and it happens to even the best of us! Trying to stay with the trends or even your competitors, you can lose a sense of yourself and even feel lost. Some of us even begin to doubt ourselves and become copycats to get the validation we seek. 

That got heavy really quick, so what are some things to keep in mind then? Let’s take it one roadblock at a time. 

  • Confidence 

There’s going to be a time where we’re going to be full of self-doubt and maybe even turn to copycats just to keep up with the trends. But let me tell you that it’s going to be unfulfilling, you’re going to end up in a spiral that can lead to burnout, and one day you might just want to quit. 

So here are some things you should keep in mind!

  • Having the right support system is important.
  • Seek validation from yourself. 
  • Keep to your authentic self, you got to where you are now because of that. 

With that being said, how do we stay true to ourselves? 

  • Go back to your PURPOSE
    • Why are you doing this? Who are the people you want to help?
  • Validation
    • The best type of validation isn’t from your audience, it comes from you! So, no matter how small your wins – celebrate them! 
  • Values
    • Don’t lose yourself and to do that is clearly define your boundaries and your values.  

Ready to go from Struggling to Success?

Listen to  Episode 60 of the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast to listen to how you can calm your chaos and attain your goals! 

To help you calm the chaos try the Free Productivity Quiz: Personality Productivity Quiz Because there are all sorts of productivity methods out there, so let’s help you find the best one FOR YOU without wasting time! 

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