Work Smarter by Repurposing Content
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Work Smarter by Repurposing Content

Why does Repurposing Content help to Work Smarter?

If you’re working more than 30 hours in your online business, you may want to tune into this weeks’ podcast, Work Smarter by Repurposing Content, and hear these butt-kicking tips from Gel Galag, a virtual assistant and repurposing expert. If you ever feel like you can’t keep up with the content wheel or if you are drowning in writer’s block, this episode is for you!

Here's What We Discussed About Content Repurposing:

Is it just me, or isn’t everyone trying to be more productive? Of course, we are all trying to do more in less time.

We’re discussing:

    • Creating the right pillar content to be repurposed
    • How to create and manage a repurposing strategy
    • Hacks for repurposing
    • How to hire a VA when you have a small budget
    • Best practices when working with a VA

How to Work Smarter by Repurposing Content?

When we build great content full of helpful tips, tricks, hacks, reviews, and more, we want to make sure our audience doesn’t miss out on the good stuff. Research says it takes an average of 18 calls to actually connect with a buyer. It’s also been said that it takes 5-8 touches to get your audience’s attention. If we don’t want to work ourselves silly, we have to learn how to work smarter by repurposing content.

Repurposing is so ingenious! It allows us to tweak, revise, and alter all the heavy lifting we’ve already done so we can have more time to do what we really love! In a world where people require more, but we have less time, money, and energy, repurposing is the closest thing to cloning yourself! 

Gel, goes into details, but here are some highlights of the conversation about repurposing:

  • Conduct market research to ensure the content you’re creating speaks to your audiences’ needs.
  • Then create a solution to address your potential client’s struggle.
  • The solutions will be the content you create, and it will be the foundation to what you will later repurpose.
  • For example, you can easily take a podcast and repurpose it into 2-3 blog posts, 3-5 social media carousels, 3-5 single posts, and several quote posts to Twitter. Then you can create several Pinterest pins to continue to promote your work automatically.
  • We also discuss getting help by hiring a VA. But, we even go over tips to help you when working with a virtual assistant.

Work Smarter by Repurposing Content with a Virtual Assistant

Sometimes you can’t do it all, and why should you? We can’t be productive and produce masterpieces when we’re too bogged down to be creative. Here are some best practices when working with a virtual assistant to help you repurpose.

  • Use project management software
  • Have an idea of what’s involved with the task
  • Communicate and provide feedback about what you like, dislike, and
  • Develop standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to work more efficiently

Gel leaves us with this mentoring moment words of advice; “Stay consistent even when it seems like things are working.”

Connect with Gel, for more repurposing content tips! 

Please tune in and let me know your thoughts!  Are you ready to work smarter by repurposing content?


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