7 Simple Habits to be successful
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7 Simple Habits to Win Every Day 

The secret to winning every day is simple; it’s in our habits! It’s the habits we keep that will turn our consistent efforts into success. As easy as it sounds, I’m sure you can relate to me when I say that I don’t always end up accomplishing what I wanted to in my day. However, I know how to get back on track. 

Here are seven simple habits you can incorporate into your daily routine to win every day! 

In this journey, we’re going to explore, 

  • The 7 Simple Habits to Develop 
  • Why Is It Hard to Develop Habits?
  • How to Successfully Build Habits?

1. Brain Dump 

The first habit is to brain dump! It sounds funny, but it does wonders to keep your mind stress-free. We often have a lot of things going on in our heads, and it can be overwhelming. The best way to handle it is to declutter your brain by dumping it all out on a piece of paper. You should write down every piece of information and detail that you’re thinking of. 

Don’t let your brain get cluttered and overcrowded with information and details.  Do a quick brain dump every day and get those thoughts into action. Schedule what’s important, file what’s informational, and trash the junk. 

This will help you visualize your thoughts, connect dots and give a starting point on your plans or actionable list! 

A little tip is brain dump before going to bed! It will help you have a good night’s rest and have something to refer to the next day, so you don’t end up spending more time trying to remember what you forgot!  

2. Have a Plan 

How can you get where you need to go if you don’t know where you’re going?  Keep an easy planner or template to easily map out your days

Having a plan will help you establish where you want to go and how to get there. You can use a planner or template to help you map out your goals and tasks. 

Another tip is to link both your brain dumping and making a plan of action habits! When you brain dump, make an action plan.  This can help you keep these habits consistently! 

3. Be In Touch

Personally, I find being in touch a habit that is important but isn’t given much thought. Being in touch means being committed to your growth, your goals, and your identity. It’s important not to lose ourselves to the fast-paced environments and our work. 

You can try to do 10 minute daily challenges where you practice to engage, declutter, connect and renew! Here are some ways you can do each aspect: 

  • Engage with the goals and habits that you’re building. Ensuring your consistency and keeping track of it will help further motivate you. 

  • Declutter: Aside from decluttering what’s in your head, consider decluttering your environment too! You can start small with your handbag or a little drawer you have at home.

  • Connect: It’s important to set aside some time to connect to the important people around you, including your support system. It could be as simple as saying “how are you” or saying “thank you” to show your appreciation. 

  • Renew: Make sure you have time to yourself too. Set some time to meditate, turn off your phone to heal, and recover for the upcoming tasks you have for the day. 

4. Top Priority and Key Actions 

After making your plan, it’s important to highlight your top priorities and the key actions you will take to accomplish them. Ask yourself what actions do you need to take to complete those priorities. This will help you hone into a few goals for the day, which can help you decrease multitasking and complete tasks. 

A great tip is to finish highlighting your priorities and their corresponding key actions the night before so you won’t spend all day in the planning phase. Also, you can link this habit with brain dumping and making your plan! Through this, you can create a chain where you’re constantly building three simple habits. 

5. Declare your Intentions 

Before you start your day, a great habit to have is declaring your intentions based on your priorities. Doing so helps you claim to accomplish your goal before it happens. 

It’s important to declare your intentions as if you’ve already done it. A great tip for motivating you is to highlight what you would enjoy the most from completing your task. 

When you wake up set your intentions for the day based on your priorities.; and declare it before it happens.  Let’s take decluttering as an example, if you intend to organize your sock drawer your declaration statement that you’d repeat to yourself all day could be… “I’m enjoying the eye candy of my color-coded sock drawer.”

6. Reflection and Gratitude

Reflection and gratitude are great habits of increasing your mindfulness, and one of the best ways to do that is through journaling. But, not everyone is ready to commit to journaling yet. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry!

You can still reflect on your day and easily acknowledge your gratification.  Get a FREE Get Things Done One Day at a Time Template to make life simpler – just like how it should be! 

7. Meal Plan

The last habit is to know what you’re going to eat. Most of the time, you can catch yourself wondering what’s for dinner or lunch. Usually, this takes up more of your time than when you actually do eat. 

The best solution is to plan and prep your meals! It’s a great alternative that lets you eat healthier, save money and stress less. In the end, you’ll have more time working on your passions or spending time with loved ones. 

Why Is It Hard to Develop Habits? 

We’ve all tried to build habits – from planning it out to even doing it for a few days. However, we tend to fall short; we makeup excuses or simply forget to do them. Either way, we don’t develop the habits we want or get close to our goals. Here are some reminders to consider before you embark on developing your habits! 

3 Key Things to Remember: 

  • Consistency is crucial 
  • Start with only a few habits 
  • Don’t underestimate your progress 

How to Successfully Build Habits? 

The most important thing to keep in mind when building habits is that it’s a journey. We’re all going to progress differently and have different end goals. The easiest way to do that is to keep yourself motivated and consistent through more than just a habit tracker but a Habit Builder

Snag your very own Habit Builder Tool Kit! Personalize your goals and build good habits TODAY! Get it while the PROMO lasts! 

Ready To Use Simple Habits Win Every Day?  

Win every day by building good habits today! You can also check out more tips and tricks to increase productivity, run your business, and develop a mindset to live with no regrets on the Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast

Let me know if I missed anything on the list or tell me how one of these habits are helping you win your day!

Wait! Don’t forget to take the  Productivity Personality Quiz to find the best methods that are unique to you!  


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