Get things done with the GTD productivity method
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The Best Way to Get Things Done: GTD Productivity Method

The best feeling is that indescribable yet amazing euphoria of closing all those tabs or finishing everything on your to-do list. Because with that feeling, you know you’re productive, growing, and progressing to attain your goals and be a better you! 

But, we also have our off-days. And that’s completely okay! We might just need a little push from a system or method we can fall back on to get things done. And as the name suggests, the GTD or Get Things Done Method can help you be more productive, within and out of work. 

Today we’re diving into the best way you can get things done,

  • What is the GTD Method
  • Who is GTD Amazing For?
  • How Do You Do It? 
  • How Can I Use GTD? 
  • Software to Help You


What is the Get Things Done Method (GTD) Method?

Humans tend to have a lot of ideas in their minds. In a recent study, it has been found that an average human being has 6,200 thoughts in a day! Now, that’s a lot. So, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and pressured to the point of procrastination at times is inevitable.

But … you can do something about it with the  Get Things Done Method or GTD. It was made by David Allen, a productivity coach. It helps you break through the feeling of drowning in your work and helps you head above water. It helps you focus on completing the task, prioritize, and as the name implies efficiently to get things done! 

Who is GTD Method Amazing For? 

This method is a perfect fit if you usually 

  1. Forget small yet important details.
  2. Get overwhelmed by your own thoughts.
  3. Do a lot of different things in a day.
  4. Have creative interests or love innovation.
  5. Want to get started and finish a project! 

How Do You Do It?

You can use the GTD method by practicing its flow. It breaks down a series of steps that help you get over feeling stuck, distracted, or stressed. These steps are: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Review and Engage. It encompasses stages where you can freely write what you have going in your head, prioritize, take action and complete it. It’s straightforward and easy to follow. 

What is the GTD Workflow Overview?

These are simple yet effective five steps for you to get things done. 

  1. Capture: Capture a thought, idea, or picture that crosses your mind. You can use words, doodle it, or a mix of both. The important thing with this step is to record it. You can use a journal or your phone to help you. 
  2. Clarify: Define what information or ideas you captured because it’s something you have to face later. To help you clarify, ask yourself questions like, 
    What is it for?
    What is its nature? (Social Media Post, Blog, Marketing) 
    Is this something I want to incorporate now or later? 
    What steps do I need to take?
  3. Organize: This is an important step! Your idea can only become actionable if you organize. Put it in your content calendar, inform your team, or include it in your future project lists. This solidifies and transforms a mere thought into a project that needs to be worked on.
  4. Review: It helps you understand the order of tasks and their importance. Pick one that is needed right now and schedule tasks based on their priority. Remember to try to get significant tasks done first!
  5. Engage Time to get started! The only way you can actually get things done is by working on them. You already have an idea of the actions you need to take to complete the task. So, focus on your work and do them one at a time.

How To Do A Weekly Review? 

You need to do weekly reviews! Doing a weekly review helps you check your progress and pain points. It only takes a few minutes of your day and can help you be much more productive the following week. Here are some tips to help you, 

  • Reread your listed items that you’ve already organized
  • Tick off the tasks you’ve accomplished 
  • Include deadlines for unfinished tasks 
  • If you find yourself procrastinating on a particular task – break it down into small clear steps

How Can I Use GTD Method? 

You can use the GTD Method in different ways – and I mean outside, just organizing your tasks and ideas for work. Sounds interesting, right? 

You can use the method to help you clear up that email box! It doesn’t sound that interesting, but hear me out. Your inbox always has that red circle with a large number of unread emails because they’re junk! But, sometimes we can forget or not even notice important emails because of it. So, why not use GTD to help you clear out your email box? 

How to Use GTD to Clear Your Email Box?

Checking and clearing your inbox is always good. Here are 4 simple steps to help you effectively and efficiently clear your inbox, 

Step 1: Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails. You can find this at the bottom of the email, usually in a blue hyperlink. 

Step 2: Allocate a certain time to label and organize your emails. You can categorize it as, work, reading, and yet to be responded to.

Step 3:You can create a to-do list on the right side of your email account. You can do this by locating your slide panel; here you can add tasks for yourself.  

Step 4: Give specific colors and stars for high and low priority emails.

You can repeat all these steps for 20-30 minutes every day. In a week or less, you should be able to have a clear inbox!

3 Softwares to Improve the GTD Productivity Method

You might use more traditional methods like journaling, but here is some software to help you out. The great thing about having your work on these platforms is that it allows you to share your work and progress with teammates. It’s also less space for your bag! You won’t need to bring a pen or paper – if you want solely use these websites.

The following websites help you list out tasks, assign, highlight deadlines, organize, prioritize and write down the steps to complete each task. You can have one for your own personal workspace or share it with your team!

How To Use GTD in Notion

The Notion is a website where you can use for both personal and work-related tasks and ideas. It helps you organize your thoughts and the items you need to complete. So, it’s amazing if you want to use this platform to encompass all the chaos going on in your life and organize it! 

With Notion, there are some things to expect, like having page options, different view boards, and so on. It can be confusing, so we’re going to break it down into simple steps to get you going. 

Set Up GTD Workflow 

In this step-by-step guide, we’re going to show how to set up your notion for two professionals and for personal purposes. 

So, let’s open your notion page. 

There will be a getting started page and few templates that you can customize and you. If you want to create pages from scratch, here are the following four steps: 

Step 1: Create a new page and name it. You can even add an icon, cover image, and description. It’s totally up to you how you want to customize it.  Let’s say this is “Your Space”

Step 2: Add some more pages inside ‘Your Space’. Here, you can separate business and personal in their pages. These will act as folders that can encompass more pages to help you break down your ideas and tasks. Simply choose to create a whole different page out of the main page.

Step 3: Click on the “Business” Section. You can categorize inside to different subjects. Here you can:

  • Name 
  • Add status
  • Add dates and deadlines
  • Media and links
  • Other information you want to add

Step 4: As seen in the image below, it will be displayed in a table view.  Make sure you fill in important links to documents or other forms of media. Do Steps 3-4 for your “Personal” section. 

Now that we’ve created pages let’s clarify different “views.” 

Board View: As shown below, the “Personal” section is in board view. 

There are options to add different kinds of board views.

So by selecting the particular view, you can add that type of view to your page. 

There are four, board view (which we just talked about), table view, calendar view, default view. 

For my content calendar, I usually include, 

Table View – This helps in proper segregation and clarity.

Calendar view- This depicts your content for the allocated weeks and months. A bird view is always necessary! 

Default View: This is perfect to take notes, mund dump, or organize everything. (Seen Below)

Board View – I use this the most, and it helps me keep track of the number of my posts for lifestyle, productivity, and motivation separately. So, I know which category I need to focus on when content creating! 

We’ve Discussed the GTD Productivity Method..So, What Now? 

Get to it and attain your goals! 

The method helps you stop and manage self-doubt and anxiety. It lets you pause and breathe, allowing you to reflect on the right actions you need to take.  So, document your thoughts, sudden ideas, and tasks!. But remember, it won’t magically happen. Do it – because I know you can make it happen! 

If you love these tips, check out Total Fit Boss Chick Podcast! I’ve got all the secrets you need to know to lead a more productive and successful life – because you deserve it! 


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