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21 Time Blocking Hacks You Must Know!

Time blocking can be so helpful.  We all love cheat codes, shortcuts, tips, tricks, and hacks that make anything and everything easier. Who wants to take the hard way when there are ways to make your life easier.

These 21 Time Blocking Hacks are hacks you must know to really rock time blocking!

  1. Be okay with imperfection. Get it done!
  2. Don’t change what’s already working.
  3. Set boundaries and use a physical sign, turn off notifications, use autoresponders. 
  4. Set a timer to tell you when to change to the next block.
  5. Space a little time for a breather, bathroom break, etc. between each block.
  6. Batch similar tasks.
  7. Schedule according to your energy.
  8. Schedule blocks for planning, transitions, and creativity.
  9. Add cushion time and be flexible.
  10. Use the 30-30-3 Method to find top priorities.
  11. Use the One Day at a Time Template to know what to include for your task.
  12. Experiment with other productivity methods like 52/12 or the Pomodoro Technique for some of your blocks.
  13. Keep in mind the reasons “why” you set these goals.
  14. List the possible obstacles and find solutions before you hit them.
  15. Block appointments, errands, shopping, etc.
  16. It’s not forever; it’s okay to tweak things until it’s right.
  17. Choose important over urgent.
  18. Focus on one task at a time.
  19. Prioritize results over tasks.
  20. Write your quick ideas in a journal that comes up while you are working so you don’t forget it, but you can remain focused.  
  21. Overestimate how long things will take

What do you think of these Time Blocking hacks? Can you add more hacks to the list?

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